Upgrades to Offer Your Contracting Clients

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When you’re working through your initial client meeting, it’s important to create an open dialogue about design choices and upgrades you can offer. Of course, the type of upgrade you’ll be able to offer your clients depends on the type of project you’re working on. If it’s a new build from the ground up, the possibilities are endless. But if you’re just doing a renovation on their existing bathroom, you may have some more limitations. Either way, imagine the potential satisfaction your clients will have knowing that you considered every little nail that went into their home improvement project. Here are some upgrades to offer your contracting clients. 

Bathroom Upgrades

Consider upgrades in all spaces, but when you’re in the bathroom, look for opportunities to offer these upgrades. You could offer to build out a tile shower instead of fitting the space with a pre-molded option. Consider offering recessed lighting or higher-end fixtures in the bathroom space. If you’re feeling really ambitious and your clients seem inclined, you could offer to expand the whole bathroom creation. See if your clients would be interested in his-and-her sinks or a water closet add on. The possibilities are endless, and your clients will appreciate the offer for upgrades. 

Kitchen Upgrades

As you move to kitchen renovation or new build options, you have so many upgrades to consider. Ask your clients if they have considered a tile backsplash or recessed lighting over key work areas in the kitchen. Recessed lighting takes some skill to install well, and it adds an extra level of luxury that your clients might really enjoy.

If you’re doing a ground-up build, you could also ask your clients if they’ve thought about having a dedicated breakfast space or bar seating. Islands are a nice upgrade that some homeowners might not have considered adding to their kitchen space. It’s important to know your skill set as a general contractor and offer those upgrade options to your client base. The kitchen is one of those places where the upgrade possibilities feel limitless. Be sure to communicate well with your clients, so you can make sure to create the perfect final product for them.   

Front Porch Upgrades

A final space you could consider offering upgrades for is on porch or deck builds. At first glance, it may seem a little more difficult to offer upgrades for these outdoor projects, but the potential is there. If you’ve got any skill with woodworking, you could offer to upgrade your clients to more decorative hand railings or post designs. Some decks have built-in, wooden seating next to the railing which is another upgrade you could offer your clients. Or, you could even consider offering built-in flower boxes or planters. Many homeowners love the idea of beautiful flowers around their decks or porches, and you can consider offering these upgrades as part of your build. 

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Upgrades to Offer Your Contracting Clients

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