What social media platforms are best for general contractors?

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Social media is an important tool when marketing your contracting business. While social media platforms are free to use, it’s important to choose which ones you use to maximize your time investment. It may be tempting to learn a TikTok dance to try and go viral, but we can help you figure out what’s best for your business. Read more to learn about the best social media platforms for contractors.


Facebook is the number one place to advertise your business. On Facebook, you can reach a wide range of ages, and many of these users are going to be in the target age-range for your contracting business. It also offers many features beneficial to your business, such as:

  • An “About” page, where you can list your business’s hours, contact information, website,  and services.
  • Facebook Marketplace, where you can sell your items and services.
  • Facebook Messenger, where customers can easily contact you to ask questions.
  • Paid advertisements that allow you to increase your visibility on the site and choose who sees your ads.


Facebook is the first place people are going to look, other than your website, to find out more about your business. This is the most important social media platform when marketing.


LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically for business and professional networking. A LinkedIn account helps establish your company in the business world, network with other companies, recruit new employees, and have others review your work.


Houzz is a social media platform specifically geared toward contractors and their clients. This platform, centered around home improvement ideas and photos, allows contractors to easily connect with customers who are specifically looking for home improvement contractors.


Twitter is a fast-moving platform with post limits of 280-characters. This is a great place to advertise specials and other time-sensitive information, as well as general customer interaction. Like Facebook, customers will also come to Twitter for questions and other customer service needs.


Instagram is all about pictures. This is a great place to show off your finished products. Before someone hires you, they’re going to want to see your work, and a polished Instagram page is a great place to host the wonders of your beautiful work.

Now that you’re ready to use the best social media platforms for contractors to get more clients, let us help your clients with the financing they need to get those projects done right. To learn more about how HFS Financial can help you help your clients, call us at 1-800-254-9560. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

What social media platforms are best for general contractors?

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