Why Every Contractor Website Needs to be Up-To-Date

Macbook displaying up-to-date contractor website

Door knocking and trying to find customers through fliers and billboards is an outdated finding method. If you want to find customers, you have to go where they are. That’s why every contractor needs an up-to-date website. If you don’t have a website or you have an outdated site, you will quickly find yourself getting left behind. To help you update your website, we’ve outlined some of the top essentials for every contractor’s website.

Contractor Website Essentials

When people go to your website, they expect to find four main things that will give them an idea of your business and how you can help them. These four things are:

  • Your portfolio and examples of your work
  • An about page or section to help them find out more about your company
  • Something detailing the services that you offer
  • Your contact information so they can get in touch with you

1. Portfolio

Your portfolio doesn’t need to be complicated. All people are really looking for are some simple examples and explanations of your past work. You can provide this through images, customer testimonials, and before and after pictures. 

Having a portfolio on your site is one of the best ways of gaining more attention and building trust with your clients. By providing examples of your work, you are showing potential customers that you can handle their project and that other people have trusted you to help them in the past. And up to date projects keep you current in the eyes of your clients.

2. About Section

Just like the portfolio, this section doesn’t need to be extensive or exaggerated. All you really need is an honest explanation of yourself and your business. You might consider adding things like how your business started, how long you have been in business, how long you have been a contractor, and some of your top recognitions or awards.

3. Services Offered

This section may be the most important. You want your customers to know that you can help them and that you can provide them the service they are looking for. By creating a page or a section that details the kind of work that you can do, you will be able to bring in more customers. 

4. Contact Details

Finally, your contractor website needs to have a way that customers can contact you. Most websites will list the company phone number on the header of every page. Some will have a contact form on a page that allows customers to send emails. However you choose to do it, make sure that customers know how to find and get in contact with you.

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Why Every Contractor Website Needs to be Up-To-Date

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