Why You Should Hire a Pro For Your Inground Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance
Pool Maintenance
Hiring a professional can go a long way in ensuring that your pool maintenance gets done properly and timely.

Pools offer a great number of fun, exciting, and healthy benefits to your life. Having access to a pool for routine exercise is a great way to get or stay fit and healthy. Pools also offer a serene and relaxing environment. All of these benefits are even better when the pool is yours and you don’t have to travel to get to it. Pool ownership comes with responsibility, however, because they require maintenance and upkeep. People who don’t want pools often cite the amount of work required as a key reason. Hiring a professional to manage your pool maintenance is a great way to enjoy the benefits of pool ownership without having to shoulder the actual work of maintenance.

Maintain Chemical Levels

Pool service and chemical maintenance tasks are the key to keeping your water clean and crystal clear. However, these really need to be done at least weekly. A pool service professional can come in a couple times a week to check the pH and chlorine levels of your inground pool and make sure they are right to kill germs and bacteria in the water. If they are not right, the professional will know what chemicals and how much need to be added. And if you ever have an overgrowth despite the maintenance, which is possible, your pool service professional will be able to shock the pool and treat the water to kill off the algae and bacteria.

Keep Water Clean

Pool professionals can also skim and remove large debris as part of their weekly maintenance and make sure your filters are clean. Filters can get dirty quickly, especially with build up from sunscreen. Installing a pool cover can’t replace proper maintenance either, since the cover often encourages algae growth and takes a lot of work to put on and take off.

Do Off-Season Maintenance

Finally, pool care is a year-round job, and while it is easy to remember to maintain the pool when you’re using it, it becomes harder in the offseason. A professional can help you make sure your pool is in good shape and close it out for the season in a way that makes it easier to open the following year.

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Why You Should Hire a Pro For Your Inground Pool Maintenance

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