3 Great Things About Above Ground Pools from Radiant Pools

Spring is here, and we’re already excited for warmer temperatures! This is the time of year many homeowners start thinking about their outdoor living plans for the summer. Have you had a pool on your outdoor living wish list for awhile? If you want a new pool for your home this year, now is the time to start doing your research. One of the first questions many homeowners ask themselves is, do I want an above ground or in-ground pool? In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the many benefits of above ground pools, specifically those made by pool manufacturer Radiant Pools.


3 Great Things About Above Ground Pools from Radiant Pools

Aerospace Engineering for Advanced Durability

One conception many people have of above ground pools is that they’re fragile. But Radiant Pools are engineered from technology that was originally developed for the NASA space program. From the Radiant website:

The Radiant Pool wall is more durable than steel, polymer, even 12 inches of concrete.

Our 2-inch thick wall panels are constructed of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam insulation core bonded between sheets of durable acrylic coated aluminum. The patented bonding process that joins the three layers creates a rigid wall that is far stronger and more durable than any other pool wall.

Lifetime Warranty

Radiant Pools is so confident in the quality of their above ground pools that they offer a 100% lifetime, fully transferable, non-prorated warranty against manufacturing defects. This is especially useful in areas that see very cold weather, as the warranty protects against damage from snow and ice. The warranty can be transferred to any future owner so that they too can enjoy the protection the warranty offers.

Insulation for a Naturally Heated Pool

That foam insulation core in the 2-inch thick pool wall has an insulation value of R-10, which helps reduce heat loss that is common with other above ground pools. The insulated pool walls allow the pool to retain heat gained from the sun during the day, while other pools lose up to 10 degrees of heat overnight.

This means two things. First, it allows you to extend your pool season, because the water will be warmer earlier in the season as well as later in the season. You could get an additional 2 months of pool time. Second, with the sun as your primary source, the need to run a secondary heat source such as a heat pump is reduced. You could cut your annual pool heat costs by almost one-third. In the long run, this adds up to big savings.

To learn more about above ground pools from Radiant Pools, visit their website!

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3 Great Things About Above Ground Pools from Radiant Pools

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