3 Things to Avoid in Email Marketing for General Contractors

Email Marketing for General Contractors

Email marketing for general contractors can be valuable. In fact, it’s an excellent way to make contact with both former and prospective clients. The right email will make you seem personable and trustworthy. Avoiding these hot-button pitfalls that deter clients can set your company up for success.

Email marketing for general contractors should avoid “information overload.”

Consider this scenario. Your work day is over. You are ready to sit back and relax. Then, you decide to check your inbox to see what treasures await. Which of the following most accurately describes what you hope to discover? 

Option 1: Highly-technical and detailed emails with exhaustive, wordy reasonings.

Option 2: Clean, crisp messages that express points thoroughly, yet simply. Plus, easy solutions for current frustrations.

If you chose the second option, that is going to be what your clients prefer as well. Find a balance between informative email marketing for general contractors and emails that feature “information overload.” Clients want knowledge of your skills. Not surprisingly, they love to see what you can do before they seek your expertise. However, they don’t like so much info that the point of information overload is reached. Keep it short and to the point. It will help clients know that communication from you is going to be a pleasure.

Avoid dead ends.

Then, include quick and easy contact information. Give details about your phone number, email, web address, and social media. In an industry filled with competition, make accessing your home renovation talents easy. You certainly do not want to put an end to a potentially lucrative lead before it has even had a chance to begin. Don’t send “dead-end” emails. Make sure convenient contact options are available. Allow busy clients to select the method of contact that fits best.

Provide easy access.

Next, make your clients’  lives easy.

  • Place links in your email. Lead the client directly to your website, online photo gallery, or phone number with a link.
  • Include a quick-link to your social media accounts.
  • Offer a free 15-minute consultation. One-on-one phone calls or Zoom calls provide reassurance to customers looking for personal service.
  • Have a FAQs page on your website. You can automatically answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Set your marketing emails for the general contractor up for success. Offer effective ways for customers to reach you and to view your work.

Avoid the humdrum.

In the end, who wants to read an email that’s boring? In other words, be creative! Find new ways to relate important details simply through your email marketing campaign. Even the best ideas can become lackluster over time. From GIFs to exciting adjectives, the sky’s the limit on ways to convey your message. Utilize a system like Mail Chimp to make sending emails a breeze. Refresh old information with a lively change in presentation. Leave the humdrum behind. 

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3 Things to Avoid in Email Marketing for General Contractors

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