How to Address a Difficult Client

tips for contractors on how to address a difficult client

“The customer is always right,” right? When there’s a tough client on the phone (again), sometimes that’s not easy to remember. Follow these five easy tips for contractors on how to address a difficult client. You might even turn them into your biggest fan!


Every client is different. Some are pros at home remodeling projects while others are first timers. Some know exactly what they want. Others didn’t know there were so many decisions to be made. 

Don’t let a client become an unhappy customer. Set aside extra time to walk through the specifics of the project. Listen to what they like or don’t like about what they have now and how they’d like to see it change. Get as much detail as possible and guarantee they love the finished product.

Identify Expectations

You know what the client wants and the scope of the project. Now it’s time to get everyone on the same page. 

Create a document that lists exactly what your team will complete — down to the last detail. Be sure to include realistic timelines to avoid promising deadlines you can’t meet. 

Provide a list of items that your client needs to complete for the project to move forward. This should include details and deadlines for obtaining permits, paying invoices at progress points, and getting proper financing in place

Share Success Stories

If you find yourself with an anxious client, it’s time to show off. Put their mind at ease by directing them to your website to highlight your favorite projects. They came to you because you’re the best at what you do. Remind them of that with pictures of your best work. 

Apologize and Offer Solutions

Even with these tips, you could still have a frustrated customer. In those cases, it’s important to listen and apologize. Sure, sometimes it’s out of your control. Maybe materials are on backorder or an unforeseen issue came up. Take responsibility anyway. Apologize and offer a solution to smooth over the situation. Use phrases like, “I can see why that would be frustrating to you.” This makes sure the client feels like you hear and understand them, while providing a solution to make it better. 

Follow Up

The project is done and your client loves the finished product. Rather than crossing it off your list and moving on, mark your calendar to follow up a few months down the road. Reach out to your client and ask how they’re enjoying the completed project. You can even automate these communications with tools that come with templates. You may even end up with a rave review that you can add to your website with pictures! 

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How to Address a Difficult Client

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