3 Tips for First-Time Pool Buyers: Pool Financing from HFS

first-time pool buyer

Have you been considering getting a swimming pool this summer? There are many amazing reasons to want a pool, even though it’s a significant investment. You likely have questions as a first-time pool buyer like, “Can I afford it?” HFS Financial is here to help you walk through those initial steps to getting your own swimming pool.

As a First-Time Pool Buyer, You Will Need to Decide on an Above Ground vs. Inground Pool

One of the most important choices when choosing a pool is whether to go above ground or inground. There are advantages and disadvantages to each depending on your situation. 

Inground Swimming Pools

Inground pools are a more considerable investment as they require the installers to dig up a large chunk of your yard. They are also installed permanently, so if you decide to move, there’s no taking them with you. However, they can be designed to fit in with your landscape and provide a beautiful addition to your yard, increasing curb appeal and making your yard more aesthetically pleasing. 

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground pools don’t require significant installation, won’t alter your landscape, and can be disassembled and taken with you if you move. However, some people prefer the look of an inground pool. You could also be limited in how large your pool will be or how deep it is, as above ground pools are premade at a factory instead of custom fit to your yard.

Consider the Installation Options that Some First-Time Pool Buyers Neglect

When deciding on a pool, it’s essential to consider all aspects. You may think you have the perfect spot in your yard, but there could be unexpected things come up that make it a complex site. 

Is it on a slope? Is your soil full of rocks that would make digging for an inground pool difficult? What other features make it more complicated to fit a pool where you want it? What about your neighborhood? Are there community rules against installing pools? What about local zoning laws? 

While none of these considerations should deter you from getting a swimming pool, it is essential to be informed and prepared. Any contractor worth working with will be able to guide you through these potential pitfalls when evaluating your yard. While there could be some unexpected surprises, they shouldn’t alter the project entirely from what you originally planned with your contractor. 

Think About Swimming Pool Installation

If you choose certain styles of above ground pools, you can construct them yourself over the weekend. They only require a relatively flat surface and maybe two sets of hands. You can be swimming in a pool almost immediately going this route as a first-time pool buyer.

If you select a custom inground pool, you will need installation conducted by an experienced contractor. Be sure to work with an installer who can show credentials, licensing, insurance, and examples of past work. Depending on the build list for the contractor you choose to work with, this can take as long as a year. It could be well worth the wait to have someone you trust as a first-time pool buyer.

Pool Financing Options

Once you’ve decided that a pool is right for you, it’s time to reach out to HFS Financial. We can help you find the money you need to build your beautiful vision. Get the perfect pool financing options for your next project. With loan assistance from HFS Financial, you can have the financing you need for your project as a first-time pool buyer. 

Contact us today or fill out one of our simple 60-second rate check applications to learn more. There is no impact on your credit score while looking at your options. Get started building your pool today!


3 Tips for First-Time Pool Buyers: Pool Financing from HFS

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