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Home improvement projects are a big deal! From hiring a contractor to choosing your colors and styles to getting a good deal on home improvement financing — HFS is here to help. We post blogs here every week to help consumers learn more about home improvement and how to get it done right. When you’re ready to invest in the home improvements of your dreams, we hope you turn to HFS Financial. We work hard to earn your business! 

HFS Financial offers fast loans at competitive rates, helping homeowners with everything from a new swimming pool for forever staycations to that new bathroom addition that helps married couples stay that way — or the kitchen renovation that helps you fall in love with cooking all over again.

Love your home. Depend on HFS Financial for the home improvement and swimming pool loans you’ve been looking for.

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How to Finance a Swimming Pool for 2022

Are you preparing to become a proud owner of a swimming pool next year? Having a pool to access anytime is indescribable. If you are wondering how to finance a swimming pool for 2022, you’ve landed on the very information you need. HFS Financial has a combined 65 years of experience with pool lending —

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Gunite vs. Fiberglass Pools

Are you in the market for a backyard upgrade in the form of a swimming pool? New pool financing is certainly something you want to have secured so that your pool building can begin. With a combined experience of 65 years in pool lending, HFS Financial is the perfect choice for your new pool loan

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New Pool Financing: 4 Things to Know

Are you a homeowner who is ready to have a custom-built pool installed in the near future? This is such an exciting prospect to consider, and finding the perfect new pool loan is important. You want to find the best pool financing on the market — through the company that has your best interest as

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How to Finance a Pool

Are you wondering how to finance a pool? Having a backyard pool to enjoy anytime you want is the easy part of pool ownership. However, getting there takes a little bit of work. You want to find the funding you need from a company you can trust and at rates you can afford. HFS Financial

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How to Finance a Swimming Pool

When you first purchase your home, you settle in and begin enjoying all of its features. The next phase of home ownership is the dreaming stage. You think about the improvements you want to make, big or small. Adding to your backyard might be high on your wish list. Beautifying backyards comes in many forms

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Financing a Swimming Pool

During the sweltering summer days, you start to wonder why you’ve never invested in a backyard pool. A swimming pool is definitely the best place to spend the lazy days of summer. As you start to dream about becoming a pool owner, another thought will enter your mind. How does financing a swimming pool work?

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