3 Upgrades Contractors Can Offer to Their Clients

Contractor performing upgrade on floor

When you’re working on a construction project, you often notice things that may benefit from an upgrade that your clients may not have thought of. From the flooring to the bathroom, there are just so many things that would be cheaper to upgrade while you’re already working than for your client to redo later. It’s always a good idea to offer upgrades; the worst your clients can do is say no. Here are 3 upgrades contractors can offer to their clients.

Fabulous Flooring

Are you remodeling a house and notice they have old carpeted flooring, or maybe wood or tile that’s seen better days? If you’re already ripping up the house for a remodel, this may be the perfect time to offer a flooring upgrade to your clients. Suggest wood flooring throughout the house. This creates a seamless look that is really trendy right now. Plus, it’s going to be harder later on to match the exact finish of the wood, not to mention the inconvenience of more invasive construction.

Beautiful Basement

If you’re building a house from the ground up, you may want to offer to upgrade the basement by making it deeper and adding plumbing. Many clients won’t know they can even get a deeper basement, but that extra foot or so later on will make such a huge difference. Once it’s finished, they won’t be able to go back and make it deeper and may regret it, but they will never regret saying “Yes” to a deeper basement.

While you’re at it, you should also offer to add plumbing. This is another thing that’s not standard in basements that are unfinished. Clients may not think to ask for it now, but may want later on if they plan on finishing out their space. Explain to them that even if they don’t want to add a bathroom at this time, having the plumbing in place will make it easier to do later on. Like the deeper basement, this is something they’ll only regret if they say no.

Everything Electrical

The last great upgrade contractors can offer to their clients is probably the first thing you think of when you think upgrades: everything electrical. No matter what type of construction you’re working on, it’s a great idea to offer more lighting. Lighting is one of those things you can never have too much of, but you can have too little of. If you’re redoing a bathroom, you can also offer to add heating to the floor. This is something they won’t really be able to do after the tile is redone (unless they want to redo the tile again). Lastly, with all of these new electrical features, offer to help them save on their electrical bill with energy-efficient windows.

Make Room in the Budget

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3 Upgrades Contractors Can Offer to Their Clients

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