How to Know When A Contractor Needs Help from an Interior Designer

Contractor and interior designer materials displayed on a worktable

Sometimes you need help. And that’s okay. As a contractor, you know you’ll likely need help from a plumber and an electrician during your project. But what about an interior designer? Do you really need their help? And how do you know when you need to phone in some assistance? Here’s how to know when a contractor needs help from an interior designer.

Do you have too many things on your hands?

Your busy season is the perfect time to ask for help from an interior designer. When you have a lot of projects going on, outsourcing your work can help you balance everything. Interior designers do so much more than just make a house look pretty. They have a great understanding of both what the contractor does and what the client wants. If you don’t have the time, they can sit down and figure out what the client wants, and often are able to translate that to what the contractor can actually accomplish. If they need guidance on what you can provide, it’s still going to save you time. The interior designer works out the majority of the details with the client, and you can focus on the tasks only you can do.

Do you need help narrowing down design choices?

Sometimes your clients already know exactly what they want when they come to you. That’s great, and in those cases, you probably won’t need help from an interior designer. However, sometimes clients have no idea what they want or have a very broad idea of what they want. In other situations, they may have a completely unrealistic idea for their space and budget. When you have a client like this, you can do your best to help them pick a design they like, but it still may be hard to get them to narrow it down to something specific and realistic. This is where an interior designer can help. Through their training and expertise, they know the right questions to ask and the right suggestions to get a client to make their decision. Plus, since they also have an understanding of the contractor side of things as well, they can help ensure these decisions are in the best interest of the homeowner and their space.

Do you have a realistic budget?

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How to Know When A Contractor Needs Help from an Interior Designer

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