3 Ways Offering Financing to Your Customers Helps to Grow Your Business

A general contractor grows his business by offering financing. He shakes hands to seal the deal, and a hardhat and computer sit atop his desk.

If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. But there’s a lot you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen. As a general contractor, you actually have quite a bit of control over the growth and success of your business, so offering financing needs to be on your radar. Here are 3 ways offering financing to your customers helps to grow your business. 

Bring in New Customers

Offering financing to your customers has the potential to really boost your business growth. Once you get the word out that your general contracting business can offer financing for those home improvement projects you’re so skilled at bringing into reality, you’ll be able to usher in a whole new group of customers you’ve not reached before.

If you don’t offer financing, then those potential clients who know they need loan options are more likely to pass you by and move on to other contractors who do meet their needs. As soon as you take the plunge and partner with HFS Financial, you can meet the needs of every demographic in your town. Your business growth will be off the charts because you are finally offering financing.

Bring Back Old Customers

Another reason to offer contractor financing to your customers is because it can help your existing clients to potentially become repeat clients. Just think about how your past clients have been pleased with the result of your work. They love the final product, and they’re interested in hiring you for their next project, but they’ve depleted their current funds. That project is a dot on the distant horizon. But that’s not true if you offer financing.

A project that was a nebulous idea in the distant future can actually become a reality today with the help of contractor financing. You’ll be able to make your customer’s dreams come true sooner rather than later, and that means happy customers. Happy customers talk about who’s responsible for their amazing home improvement project. And word of mouth can grow a business pretty fast. 

Bring in Bigger Projects

Potentially the biggest reason you should absolutely consider offering financing to your customers is because you can pursue larger and more complicated projects. By offering financing, you become the only contact that an individual needs to get their home improvement project off the ground. There’s no middle man, no worrying about stage funding, and no hassle. They hire you, and they start their project. As a result, you can provide the extra boost these clients need to really take on those bigger projects.

Bigger jobs mean more growth for your business. You can bring on more skilled help to complete those projects, and bigger projects mean bigger paychecks. The bottom line is that by offer financing to your customers, your business has the potential for exponential growth. You almost can’t afford to not offer financing. 

So, take the plunge today and take the next step toward growing your business. Join HFS Financial to create the perfect partnership to offer contractor financing to your customers. They’ll get the dream project they want, and you’ll get the business growth you deserve. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

3 Ways Offering Financing to Your Customers Helps to Grow Your Business

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