Holiday Social Media Ideas for Contractors

rolled blue prints sit on top of a table next to some holiday cookies as contractors contemplate holiday social media posts

An active social media presence can really give your business the boost it needs with only a little effort on your part. This holiday season, challenge yourself to really give your followers a reason to keep up with your account on a regular basis. Pretty soon, they’ve told their friends and your following has tripled in size.

The more eyes that see your social media posts, the more people that know about your business. They will think of you when they need to renovate their bathroom or install a new deck. Holiday social media posts are a great way to get your followers to engage with your account and, ultimately, your business. Here are some great holiday social media ideas for contractors. 

Holiday Contractor Specials and Giveaways 

One way to get some real attention on your social media pages (and on your business, in general) is to offer great specials, discounts, or giveaways. Offering specials during the busy holiday season can actually be a great strategy to get your followers to really engage with your contractor business. Consider offering a discount for booking with your business. Or, host a giveaway for some free services like Christmas light installations.

Make the conditions of your offer include engaging with your social media post and sharing the content. The more people share, the more likely new people will see your business’s page and become familiar with you. Also, you might also get your followers to imagine how great it’d be to hire you for that next big home improvement project.

Sentimental Holiday Social Media Ideas

Additionally, the holidays are a great time to appeal to the sentiments of your following. You can use the time to reminisce about holidays past. Consider posting about enjoying holiday parties and beautiful decorations. Showcase some of your past projects, especially if you’ve got photos of that kitchen renovation set up with a beautiful holiday meal or that deck you built last season fully decorated. Don’t hesitate to reach out to past clients for photos of your work to display. They make great holiday social media posts. And you’ll remind your past clients of the great work you did for them. 

Holiday Contractor Financing 

Finally, remember to remind your followers on social media that you offer contractor financing. The holiday season is a great time to remind everyone that you offer the best contractor financing for your customers. They may be hard-pressed to find the perfect gift for someone special. And you can make their life a lot easier with the perfect home improvement project and the perfect financing through HFS Financial. They get the financing options they need for the perfect holiday gift, and you get the business you need. 

If you haven’t yet partnered with HFS Financial, the holidays are the perfect time to make the decision. Offering contractor financing for your customers can help your business grow through the holiday season. So, get started with the best partnership for your business with HFS Financial. “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 


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