4 Kinds of Inground Pools Worth Considering

Inground Pools
Inground Pools
There are four major kinds of inground pools that you’re likely to see if you’re looking to have one installed.

Investing in a real pool allows you to reap the benefits of a reliable, comfortable pool for you and your whole family. That said, there are more than a few options out there so it’s important to do your homework. Typically there are four kinds of inground pools people talk about. There may be more variations than these traditional four, but these are the most common kinds of inground pools you’re likely to see out there.

1. Concrete and Plaster or Aggregate Finishes

Concrete is probably the most common inground pool building material. This is because it’s durable and porous, which allows your pool installer to create a plaster-coated shell that holds all the water you need and can be replastered when necessary. The install process is fairly easy: a hole is excavated in your yard and the sides and bottom of the hole are lined with steel rods, which make the shape of the pool. Then the pool shell is made by spraying a finish with shotcrete or gunite. 

2. Other Finish Options

There are a variety of other materials that can be added to pool surfaces that are made of concrete or plaster. Some of these options are stone, tile, or synthetic materials meant to look like stone. Pebble aggregates are becoming much more popular and you’re likely to see them used in many modern pool designs.

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools arrive as one large, pre-made piece that is brought to your home via truck. This is then positioned into the already-excavated hole by use of a crane. Fiberglass pools are ready-made, meaning it’s unlikely that you can customize the design, though most manufacturers offer a variety of sizes and shapes. Fiberglass is generally highly-regarded as far as inground pools go but they can also be costly.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl-lined pools are built with metal or plastic frames and are then set into an excavated hole. Prefab supporting walls are typically made of plastic, aluminum, or steel, which are joined to the frame that is lined with a heavy vinyl material that creates the pool shell. 

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4 Kinds of Inground Pools Worth Considering

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