How a Saltwater Pool Can Benefit Your Health

Saltwater Pool
Saltwater Pool
Considering a new pool? You may want to look into getting a saltwater pool, which has numerous health benefits.

When you make the decision to invest in a new pool for your home, you are investing in your home value, your relaxation, and your health. Pools have lots of great benefits, from providing an easy place to exercise to providing a calming environment to relax. Once you determine that a pool is a good fit for your property, there are many other decisions to make. Should you have above ground or in ground? Should you do a cement pool or a vinyl one? And what type of water – wait, did you even know there were water options? It’s true. While most people automatically go with chlorinated water for their pool, another option that is becoming increasingly common is a saltwater pool. What’s more, saltwater has some key benefits over-chlorinated water.

Joint Health

Saltwater is a better alternative to chlorine because the bromide in the salt helps to relieve muscle and joint aches. This is great for relaxing after a hard day, letting your pool ease away your aches. It is also great for exercise – while any pool provides a great full-body workout, the bromide in saltwater pools might keep you from feeling achy after.

Safer For Skin

In chlorinated pools, many people see it as a necessary nuisance that the chlorine dries out and irritates their skin. Saltwater can actually be a skin treatment, unlike chlorine. It can act as a natural moisturizer and exfoliant, leaving skin soft and smooth. It has also been shown to help with some skin disorders, like eczema. 

No Side Effects

Possibly the best benefit of saltwater over chlorine is that you don’t have to walk such a fine line with your chemical mix.  Too much chlorine can be a huge problem in the pool, leading to burning eyes and skin and faded swimsuits and towels. On the other hand, too little chlorine can lead to algae growth and unsafe swimming conditions, which is also a huge problem. With saltwater, you don’t have these concerns.

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How a Saltwater Pool Can Benefit Your Health

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