4 Tips for Financing Your Pole Barn

Red pole barn in field

Pole barns, also called pole buildings, are popular for all kinds of expansion dreams. Maybe you are interested in adding a pole barn to your property. Their affordability and versatility make them ideal for all kinds of uses. Depending on the size and shape you choose, you can use one as an actual barn, a garage, a man cave, or a shed, just to name a few. Finding financing for your pole barn is simple with the help of HFS Financial. Here are 4 tips for financing your pole barn that our years of experience have taught us.

Adding a Pole Barn is Affordable

The first perk of pole building financing is that a little money goes a long way. A pole barn is very affordable because of the way it is constructed and the materials that are used. The wood poles and framing are generally connected with walls of siding made of wood or metal. The roof is usually made of galvanized steel or even shingles.

Depending on the size of the building you need for your addition, you can get a very nice pole building for $50,000 or less on average. A pole barn is beautiful can fit the aesthetic you choose for your property.

Building Time is Brief

Next, the construction of a pole barn is different from that of traditional buildings. A pole barn is built by burying wood posts four to six feet in the ground for support rather than a concrete foundation that traditional buildings have. The frame of a pole building is made of poles, as the name suggests. Barring delays, pole barns can go up in as little as a week because the building time is brief.

Pole Barns are Easier on the Environment

Another reason that people choose to use pole barns is because of their reputation of being easier on the environment than their counterparts. Fewer materials means less waste. In addition, the framing of the walls leaves large air cavities that are great for extra insulation. This means less cost for heating and cooling the building. Financing your pole barn is an initial investment that will pay you back in many ways. 

Financing Fuels Planning Possibilities

Finally, financing your pole barn allows you to dream without having to wonder if all of your must-have features can fit into your building budget. Partnering with HFS Financial for your home improvement financing fuels your planning possibilities. 

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4 Tips for Financing Your Pole Barn

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