4 Ways a Contractor Can Build Trust with a Frustrated Client

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Trust is one of the most important things in construction. The relationship between contractor and client is collaborative, and therefore requires a certain degree of trust. Often, your reputation and past work speaks for itself, and your client’s trust is implicit. However, you might someday encounter a frustrated client that is more resistant to trust. Here are 4 ways a contractor can build trust with a frustrated client.

Stay on Schedule

There are many reasons why a client may be frustrated. At times it’s a case where their money isn’t going as far as they would like, their ideas won’t work for their building’s structure, or they may just have had bad experiences with contractors in the past. One of the most effective ways you can build trust with a frustrated client is staying on schedule. Mistakes happen, shipments get delayed, and weather can interfere with your project’s progress. However, you know this ahead of time, so you can be sure to add some wiggle room into your schedule. If issues arise, communicate these with your client immediately.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is the most important part of building trust. While you should always communicate clearly with your clients, this is especially important when you’re working with a frustrated client. Be sure to give your clients regular updates, and know that there is no such thing as over-communication with a frustrated client. If you are going to miss a deadline or a mistake is made, be sure to communicate this as soon as you know it. Be apologetic and let them know how you plan to fix things, and send them an updated timeline. This honesty and transparency may not resolve all of their frustrations, but it will help build trust.

Be Transparent

Often clients will become frustrated when they aren’t able to understand a contractor’s limitations. This may be because they aren’t able to afford all of the features they would like with their budget, or they aren’t happy with the time it is taking to finish the project correctly. They may think you are trying to scam them because they believe their requests are reasonable. The easiest way to counter this and build trust is by being transparent. Show your client a breakdown of the budget and timeline. Answer all of their questions openly and honestly. If you have completed similar projects in the past, show them these breakdowns as well so they know it’s not limited to just their project.

Offer Financing

Sometimes clients can be frustrated because they have other stressors in their lives that they’re taking out on you. One of the biggest outside stressors is finances. You can help clients with this stressor and build trust with a frustrated client by offering financing through HFS Financial. It’s a really simple process: your client fills out our 60-second loan application, and we’ll help fit them with the right loan. Partner with us today by giving us a call at 1-800-254-9560. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

4 Ways a Contractor Can Build Trust with a Frustrated Client

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