5 Bathtub Options for your Bathroom Remodel for 2021

Bathtub in ultra modern styled bathroom

It’s out with the old and in with the new, and this year is the perfect time to make some much needed upgrades to your home. As you work through your home room by room, changing the floors, repainting the walls, and finally fixing that leaky roof, it’s time to give your bathroom some TLC. We’ve put together 5 bathtub options for your bathroom remodel in 2021 to help you create a relaxing, beautiful space you can enjoy for years to come.

Space Saving 

While having a separate bathtub and shower has been a popular trend for a while now, designers are in love with a space-saving, sensational, soaking option. These smaller, yet deeper bathtubs are perfect for relaxing that remaining 2020 stress away, without sacrificing extra room in your bathroom. Classic white options pair well with virtually any style, and homeowners love that smaller bathtubs use less water for an added green bonus.


A freestanding bathtub sits away from the walls, and can create an elegant focal point in your bathroom. You can choose between a flat-bottom tub, which sits flush on the floor, or an ornately-designed clawfoot. Although, you may find that homeowners in 2021 are taking into account how easily home features are to clean, which makes the clawfoot a less popular freestanding option for your remodel. 


A corner bathtub is of a triangular shape with an oval interior and sits in, well, the corner of your bathroom. These bathtubs take up less space than the freestanding option, and can comfortably sit up to two people. Almost like having a hot tub, a corner-styled tub allows for some cozy, romantic moments when getting out for date night isn’t always an option. It can also create a beautiful focal point for the rest of your bathroom, turning it into the rejuvenating, self-care space you need. 


As you go about your bathroom renovation, you may consider having your contractor build a platform for your bathtub. Tile or sealed wood flooring boosts and highlights your bathtub — allowing you to create a stunning and custom focal point. They are a bit more expensive, but with the luxurious look they create and the resort-like relaxation these options provide, it can be well worth the investment. 


Placed in a three-walled nook, an alcove bathtub allows for more privacy. It even allows for more customization than some of the other bathtub options for your bathroom remodel for 2021. It’s also a great choice when you’re not planning on changing wall layouts, or you’d like to convert the space into a shower/tub combo. Create the ultimate alcove bathtub when you add extra storage and sleek tiles to the walls for an amazing design. 

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5 Bathtub Options for your Bathroom Remodel for 2021

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