Will Offering Financing Really Give Me a Leg Up Over the Competition

leg up over the competition

Competition seems to be everywhere these days. Finding an added advantage to offer your customers is always a smart idea. You do amazing work, but potential clients don’t know that yet. In fact, they won’t truly see your skills until you’re able to start working for them. Offering financing is one way you can help tip the scales in your favor. Here’s how offering financing gives you a leg up over the competition.

Helps Customers Choose You

Think about this: A potential client is trying to decide between you and another contractor. You both do the same type of work. You’ve offered similar quotes. They’ve heard positive feedback about both businesses. They don’t have enough savings to pay for the entire job out of pocket. You offer financing and the other guys don’t. Who do you think they’re going with? Sure, they could try to arrange financing themselves, but people often want a quick and simple solution. They don’t want to run around and jump through a million hoops. They just want to get their project underway.

Boost Your Job Size

Do you feel like you’re losing out on a lot of the bigger jobs? Maybe your competitors are already offering financing. It’s tough to get the bigger jobs when people don’t have the funds to pay for them. If homeowners don’t readily have the funds to start big projects, they often opt for just the basics. If you offer financing through your business, then homeowners have an option for sticking to the larger plans. They won’t necessarily shy away from upgrades that you suggest along the way, either.

Build Relationships

When you have the opportunity to work with clients on larger/longer projects, you forge stronger relationships. With financing options in place, you gain more of these bigger jobs and, therefore, solidify more client relationships. When people feel connected to you, they are likely to come back for their next renovation project. They are also inclined to refer friends and family to your business. 

Create Higher Satisfaction 

As a contractor, you know that your reputation is everything. You’re also likely very aware that when you have to work with lower-quality products, the outcome isn’t as impressive as it could be. When you offer financing options for customers they have more choices. You can relay the benefits of going with higher-quality supplies. Completing jobs where better-quality products are used often translates into higher customer satisfaction. Those customers speak to others about the quality of your work and you gain more of an advantage over your competitors.

Get a Leg Up Over the Competition

Are you ready to start seeing more leads, winning more profitable jobs, and boosting your business’s reputation? Then it sounds like it’s time you look into how to offer financing as a contractor. 

Home improvement financing can be very uncomplicated when you partner with HFS Financial. Your clients simply submit their application with us, through your website. The application process takes only 60 seconds. Once approved, they receive their funds quickly. You have none of the paperwork to deal with, but you pleasantly get paid every step of the way. 

At HFS Financial we stand by our motto: “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Give us a call today to find out more! 


Will Offering Financing Really Give Me a Leg Up Over the Competition

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