6 Ways to Get Return Customers

A couple become return customers as they talk to a female contractor wearing a suit.

Getting return customers is a great way to ensure the success of your business. But there’s an art to making sure that your customers want to come back. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you bring in return customers as often as possible. Try these six ideas for ways to get return customers.

1. Be Available

Your calendar is full, and you’ve got jobs lined up for months. That’s great! If your days are that busy, chances are you aren’t always able to answer your phone. This is understandable sometimes. However, if customers have left six messages this week and still haven’t heard back from you, that’s probably something that needs to be worked on.

You might not be able to answer your phone but make sure your message lets them know you’re on a job site and a timeframe of when they can expect a return call. This is especially important if you handle HVAC, plumbing, or electrical repairs. Customers won’t be happy if they have to go without air conditioning or running water for a day.

Too busy to answer? Hire someone who can! They can take calls, check your calendar, and schedule appointments for you. If hiring a new employee isn’t in the budget, try an answering service. If you don’t make yourself available for your customers, they’ll find someone else who will. 

2. Be Professional

Don’t mistake a friendly client for your new best friend. While friendly conversations are fine, be professional during your contact. Be sure to avoid hot-button topics like politics or religion. Your client is paying you to get a job done. Plus, the more jobs you complete, the more you get paid. Professionally and efficiently communicating can ensure that your customers can trust you, leading to repeat projects in the future and happy return customers.

3. Treat Every Job Like a Top-Dollar Project

Whether it’s repairing a roof or doing a complete home remodel, no job is too small for you to provide the best service possible. This shows your customer that you care enough to do a great job, no matter the size. When they see the level of dedication and quality of work you put into even the smallest task, they’ll remember you for larger projects down the road. 

4. Follow Up

A week after the project is completed, contact your client to make sure everything is working properly. Ask how it’s going and if there’s anything else you can do for them right now. Now that they have you on the phone, they may want to pick your brain about another project they have in mind. And then they join the ranks of all your other return customers. 

5. Offer Discounts on Future Projects

Most homeowners have a list of home projects they’d love to tackle. Create a formal discount program that trims a percentage off their next project. It might be enough of an incentive to land that next job!

You could start by identifying complementary projects. For example, someone who put new siding on their home may want to replace that worn-out roof next. Or the homeowner with a new deck may want a beautiful patio to complete the outdoor living area. Create a discount plan with these types of project pairings in mind to entice return customers.

6. Get Return Customers with HFS Financial

No matter what project your client decides to take on, be sure they have the right financing. Let HFS Financial help your customers find the financing option that’s best for their project.

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6 Ways to Get Return Customers

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