How Can I Pay for My Bathroom Remodel?

bathroom remodel

Is your bathroom in desperate need of an update? Whether you’re flipping your home, trying to increase the value, or simply want a better-looking bathroom, HFS Financial believes money shouldn’t hold you back from getting the home improvements you want. The average bathroom remodel can cost $15,000 — with a high-end upgrade racking up as much as $30,000 or more. For most of us, that is a lot out of pocket. That’s where HFS Financial comes in! We can get you a variety of loan options so you can find the perfect fit for all your remodeling dreams. 

Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Home with a Bathroom Remodel

As you embark on your bathroom remodeling journey, think about what you want to complete in your plans — specifically things that will increase the value of your home by doing them.

Installing a Freestanding, Clean, and Modern Tub

Everyone is searching for a luxurious and relaxing bathroom. Whether you plan to sell your home or just want to enjoy your space more, this is an easy way to achieve those goals. A freestanding bathtub is the ultimate in clean and modern design. For a more rustic feel, you might go with a clawfoot tub instead. No matter your choice, somewhere to soak the day away is a must.

Adding a Double Sink

Any bathroom can be enhanced with a double sink — especially if it is a bathroom that more than one person can share. In a primary bathroom, this is a MUST. Even in a Jack-and-Jill-style bathroom, it is very nice to have. Your home will instantly be more enjoyable or marketable for you and your family.

Creating Extra Storage Space

We are all always looking for additional storage options. Think of ways to incorporate all the extra storage you can. Whether it’s a linen closet or new cabinets, this is a functional update you won’t regret.

Adding Heated Floors

For the ultimate luxury, add heated floors during your bathroom remodel. This enhancement will elevate your space beyond any other average home. Never worry about cold floors again. 

Installing Below-the-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is the new must-have. It provides ambiance and built-in nightlights for those midnight trips to the bathroom. This luxury upgrade will have your bathroom remodel feeling spa-like.

Check Existing Electrical and Plumbing During Your Bathroom Remodel

It’s also wise to double check all electrical and plumbing while updating your bathroom. This can help you prevent having to go back and fix issues later, saving you time and money. Don’t skimp on this step while everything is already ripped out.

Benefits of Boosting Your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Remodel

Adding to the value of your home is always an intelligent decision for your future. Did you know you can get up to 66% of the cost for your bathroom remodel back when you resell your home? And, since the average person spends almost 200 hours in the bathroom every year, it’s easy to see why making it a desirable room is so very important. 

How to Finance Your Bathroom Remodel

So, how do you get that stunning bathroom of your dreams, you ask? Take just 60 seconds to check your rates for your remodel and quickly receive the answers you need. Our highly trained financial experts will find you the best loan options for your project in any of the 50 states, getting you the cash you need upfront to pay your contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians, and any other services you may need to get the job done.

HFS Financial is your go-to home improvement financing expert. Your perfect bathroom awaits. Contact us today and get started creating the home you and your family deserve.


How Can I Pay for My Bathroom Remodel?

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