6 Things to Plan for When Building a Granny Flat

granny flat

Do you have parents that are getting older? If so, consider building your granny flat. At HFS Financial, we know the sooner you start, the better. We all know that construction projects take time and typically more than is planned for. Having things ready to go before your parents NEED them is always the best choice. We have six things for you to begin planning for your granny flat today.

Plan the Location for Your Granny Flat

The first step in any construction project is to pick a location. Popular choices include the basement (or another unused floor), adding on to a side of the house opposite the primary bedroom, building an apartment over the garage, or building a stand-alone structure on your property. Your city ordinances may dictate some of what you are allowed to do regarding location, so be sure to check those before setting a site in stone.

Plan for Separate Plumbing and Electrical in Your Granny Flat

Once you have chosen your location, regardless of whether it is connected to your existing home, you will want to plan for separate plumbing and electrical in your granny flat. Setting this up will allow more independence for your parents, and should you decide to use that space as rental space in the future, you will be covered already. 

Ensure Your Granny Flat has Privacy

While your parents may need some assistance when they are older, it is positive for them and you to have some privacy from each other. This could be adding things like a private entrance to your granny flat. You could build additions on the opposite side of your home from your bedroom. Small things like this will allow your parents to maintain independence while still being close for whatever assistance they may need.

Plan for Extra Parking

With parents moving in, you may need space for at least one other car, possibly two. You will want to ensure that your granny flat has somewhere to park if you still need extra space. The closer to the private entrance, the better. 

Plan to Build a Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Area and Kitchen

Skimping on things is not in anyone’s best interest when you are planning to build a granny flat. At a minimum, providing a bedroom, bathroom, living space, and kitchen or kitchenette will allow your parents to remain mostly independent. In the future, it would allow you to rent the area as well.

Consider Any Existing or Possible Future Special Needs

The final things to think about are particular needs that older people may have. Things like wider doors for wheelchairs or a walk-in shower are helpful and could prevent you from having to renovate down the road even if they are not necessary now. You should also think through safety and mobility accessories such as railings for steps, pull bars for toilets and showers, and even a handicap ramp to the entrance of the AUD, if necessary.

While building your granny flat is an investment, it will save you money and could earn you money long-term. Placing your parents in a facility can cost upwards of $100,000 a year! The peace of mind you will have from having them close by also helps to justify the investment. Plus, you’ll have treasured time together more than if you lived apart.

Don’t put off building this addition to your home. Be prepared for when your aging parents need you and let HFS Financial help you find financing for your granny flat today. In just 60 seconds, you could see your rate options and be on your way to peace of mind. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


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