Building a Separate Home Office in the Backyard

White home office with yellow accents

Working from home is quickly becoming a popular choice for many Americans. If you’re considering creating a work space, building a separate home office in the backyard is a fantastic option. Free from noise, distractions, and allowing you to mentally distinguish between work and home life, creating a designated work space is easier than you think.

Not Just Any Ole’ Shed Will Do

Unfortunately, running down to your local hardware store for a storage shed isn’t all you’ll need to do to build a home office. While these units are an easy way to get started, providing a structure that can be customized, they’ll need some enhancements to make them a space where you can get work done. A few things you’ll need to be sure your future backyard office has are:

  • Insulation — to help control the energy-efficiency of heating and cooling in your shed.
  • Windows — for natural light and optional air circulation.
  • A way to heat and cool — such as a window unit or ceiling fan.
  • Electrical system — for lights and outlets.
  • WiFi — if the WiFi from your house doesn’t reach your office.
  • A lock — most sheds have a lock mechanism, but if you are keeping big ticket electronics like a computer, or sensitive information, you may consider adding a lock of your own.  

Building a Backyard Office

If you’ve got the time and the know-how, you could build an office yourself. This allows you to install everything you know you’ll need as you construct it, instead of trying to correct something that’s pre-built to suit your needs. It also allows for complete customization, especially if you have unique office requirements, such as a workbench, table, or seating area for clients. 

Things to Consider for Your Home Office 

Whether you choose to tweak a pre-built shed or construct your own, there are a few special considerations to make your backyard office feel professional in every aspect:

  • Remember your backdrop: If you need to make professional video calls, remember that your backdrop should look the part. 
  • Window placement: Having a window allows for natural light which can alleviate depression and anxiety, making your workspace much more enjoyable.
  • Add storage options: If you have the room, adding some storage shelves or cabinets helps to create a functional organizational system
  • Aesthetics are important: Does your business require customers to meet you in person? Add some special touches like a potted plant or some wall art. It can make your backyard office look and feel more professional at in-person meetings. 

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Building a Separate Home Office in the Backyard

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