Commonly-Made Mistakes By Swimming Pool Owners

How To Keep Your Pool Cover In Shape This Winter Season
How To Keep Your Pool Cover In Shape This Winter Season
Keep your pool cover protected this winter season!

Are you a swimming pool owner? In an effort to help pool owners, we have prepared a brief list of commonly-made mistakes by swimming pool owners. Keep the following in mind when pool season rolls through again.

Landscaping With The Wrong Plants

The right set of plants can be the perfect addition to your swimming pool. However, many pool owners make the mistake of choosing the wrong set of plants to pair with their pool. Always try to stay away from plants that shed their leaves or attract insects.

Not Brushing Your Swimming Pool

Make sure you spend some time throughout the spring and summer months brushing your swimming pool. This chore will help prevent algae growth and clean off any other debris that has accumulated in and around your pool.

Not Testing Your Swimming Pool Water Regularly

Do you normally test your swimming pool water every week? To ensure that your pool water is at the correct levels, you need to test it regularly. The pH levels in your swimming pool need to be in the correct range for people to swim it in safely.

Not Running Your Filter Often Enough

Your filter is an integral part of your swimming pool. Many pool owners make the mistake of not running their filters enough during pool season. As a general rule of thumb, try to run your filter at least eight hours a day.

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Commonly-Made Mistakes By Swimming Pool Owners

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