What You Should Know About Winter Pool Maintenance

Winter Pool Maintenance
Winter Pool Maintenance
While your pool may not be usable during the winter months, there are still some pool maintenance tasks to take care of.

When you take proper care of your swimming pool all year round, you can save a lot on maintenance costs in the long run. Keeping a careful eye on your pool’s temperature, chemistry, and parts can help you avoid damages, algae growth, and freezes that can cause problems with your pool come spring. Don’t wait–maintain your pool this winter and make sure it’s ready to go first thing this summer. Here’s what you should know about winter pool maintenance.

Use a Pool Cover

You should always use a pool cover in the winter, whether your local climate is severe through the winter months or not. Pool covers protect your swimming pool from weather, pests, and debris. With an inground pool, it’s crucial to make sure that all sandbags and safety measures are followed properly in order to avoid damages to your pool cover or accidents through the winter. Remember to clear debris off your pool cover before you remove it in the spring to avoid damaging the cover.

Beware of Freezes

When water freezes in your pool, it can cause damage to your pool liner or cracks in your pipes. Just like the pipes in your home, you want to avoid freezing in order to prevent costly and frustrating water damage. Take note of the weather through the winter and keep an eye on your pool’s temperature to avoid freezing.

Check on Your Pool Parts

A key part of pool maintenance is making sure that everything is working properly. When you close up your pool for winter and open it again in spring are great times to check on your pool parts and make sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. Be sure to check the pool pump, filter, and heater carefully.

Water Chemistry

Keeping an eye on your pool’s water chemistry through the winter is important. Make sure you check the chemistry every two months while your pool is closed in order to avoid imbalanced pool chemistry. Imbalances can cause algae and bacteria growth that can be a stubborn problem for your pool maintenance.

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What You Should Know About Winter Pool Maintenance

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