Custom Pools: 4 Ways to Customize Your Inground Pool

Boost your custom pool enjoyment with additions.

If you’re looking for a completely one-of-a-kind custom pool, inground concrete pools are the way to go. Concrete can be poured in any dimensions and shape you want, giving you a pool that’s truly unique to you.

With all the options available to you, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can customize your inground pool. If you’re planning on building a new pool, this is a great place to get some cool pool ideas and all the information you need about swimming pool financing options from HFS Financial. 

1. Add a Custom Gradual Slope Entry

Our first suggestion for ways to customize your inground pool is to install a gradual slope entry. Gradual slope entries or beach entries are a nice contrast to the traditional stepped entry. 

First and foremost, they decrease the chances of someone tripping on a step, providing added safety in the pool. And also, they remind swimmers of the slope of the sand into the water at an ocean beach, giving your pool a more natural look and feel. 

Gradual slope entries are easy to do with concrete, so talk to your custom pool builder about adding this feature to your new inground pool.

2. Customize Your Inground Pool with Ledges

Moving on, ledges are another fun feature you can add to your concrete custom pool. Basically, the ledges are carved out in one or two spots around the edge of the pool, where little alcoves are created. 

Swimmers can sit or even lay here if the ledge is big enough. Water fills the ledge to wash over you and cool you down. Many people like ledges because it gives them a place to get in the cool water and tan without having to float.

The ledges can also provide excellent spaces for new swimmers to rest or reach when they’re practicing. And since this is your dream pool, you can customize it however you please. 

3. Consider a Swim-Up Bar

If you’re really looking to take your custom pool to the next level, consider adding a swim-up bar. Swim-up bars allow swimmers to literally swim up to a counter for a drink right there in the pool. Why waste time getting in and out of your custom pool when you don’t have to?  

The bar is separated from the water to keep drink-making components dry but is easily accessed by anyone in the pool. Sure to be a hit at parties, a swim-up bar is a popular addition to any inground pool.

4. Add a Super Slide

And finally, consider adding an incredibly fun and entertaining slide for all your family members and guests to enjoy. You can choose from so many different beautiful options, including rock grottos or waterfalls with built-in slides. 

A slide has the potential to add fun and interest when you customize your inground pool, with kids and adults alike enjoying the slipping and sliding fun.  

Build a New Inground Pool with HFS Financial

And since you’re already thinking about how you can customize the inground pool of your dreams, why not learn more about swimming pool financing options from HFS Financial

With a loan through HFS Financial, you can get funding for your swimming pool project upfront. That means you will absolutely control your custom pool from the planning stage to the splashing stage. 

You can expect HFS loan options to meet industry-leading standards, and you don’t have to worry about any money down. 

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Custom Pools: 4 Ways to Customize Your Inground Pool

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