Does Offering Solar Financing Pay Off?

offering solar financing pays off

Whether it’s for environmental reasons or saving on utility costs, many homeowners are turning to solar panels for their homes. Solar panel installation can add a huge influx of business and profitability for contractors. And while those solar panels can come with a hefty price tag, contractors can offer financing options to attract potential customers. But does offering solar financing pay off? We’ll show you why it does. 

Increase Client Interest By Offering Solar Financing

It’s a big decision when homeowners choose to use solar panels on their home. Once that decision is made, they have to figure out how to pay for it. Don’t let potential clients walk out the door or change their mind over inability to pay. When you offer solar financing it gives clients confidence that they’ve made the right choice by selecting your contractor business. And once they tell their friends and family about the excellent service and solar financing you offer, your leads can increase. 

Offering Solar Financing Speeds Up the Process

Offering solar financing pays off for contractor businesses because it helps speed up the funding process. Typically, solar panel installers have to play the waiting game. Their payment is delayed until the panels are connected to the grid and inspected. When you partner with HFS Financial to offer solar financing, the funds are provided up front. This allows you to order the materials as well as begin installation much sooner. You also won’t face delays in the process as you wait for customers to make payments along the way if they didn’t have financing. And fewer delays all around make for some very happy customers. 

Customers Will Come Back for More, Growing Your Business

The main way that offering solar financing pays off is how it will grow your business. Sure, customers will be thrilled with the installation of their new panels. But what they won’t forget is the incredible service they receive from your contractor business and the financial flexibility you offer. So how does that help you down the road? They trusted you with one major home improvement project, and you delivered with flying colors. You can be fairly certain that when it’s time for their next home improvement project, your company will be the first call that they make. 

Offer Solar Financing to Your Customers

Your contractor business is expanding all the time. And adding solar panel installation to your list of services is sure to draw more business for you. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering solar financing to your customers. When you partner with HFS Financial you can connect your clients with the best contractor financing available. We work closely with your customers to find the best financing option available for their home projects. At HFS Financial, our team of experts will walk your customers through each step of the financing process. We even make it easy to get started, too. All they need to do is complete a quick, 60-second application. Call us today at 1-800-254-9560 to get started. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Does Offering Solar Financing Pay Off?

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