Doing Charitable Work as a General Contractor

General contractor doing charitable work

The holiday spirit has carried over into 2021, and you’re looking for ways you can give back. As a general contractor, you have some unique skills not everyone possesses. Sharing these skills will benefit your community, especially during the coldest months of the year. Take advantage of your slow season by using this time to give back. So, how do you get started doing charitable work as a general contractor? Here are some key ways you can volunteer your time and resources.

Get involved locally.

First, you can make the most of your time by getting involved locally. Local organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, are always looking for help. These nonprofit organizations have needs that their normal volunteers can’t always meet. However, your skillset is sure to help! By volunteering locally, you can work with the nonprofits to find times that work around your contracting schedule. 

With Habitat for Humanity, you can build houses. Some nonprofits may know people in your area who need home repairs but can’t afford them. Others may have tasks they need to complete within their own building. By using your skills, they can afford to spend their money elsewhere in the community. As a general contractor, your skills are invaluable to these organizations and individuals. 

Get involved around the world. 

Your skills aren’t just needed in your community, they’re needed around the world. If you have the time, you could travel within the United States or to different countries to help with their needs. 

When it’s safe, travel to a different country and help build homes. Or, you can create systems that help get water from the nearest source to a village. Domestically, you can connect with an organization that provides aid after natural disasters. When disasters inevitably occur, you’ll be signed up and ready to help rebuild. Take your contracting team with you! Volunteering is a great opportunity for team bonding. 

Give back during a critical time.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, general contractors have been volunteering with hospitals to create new spaces for the influx of patients. If your local or regional hospitals don’t need help, see if other hospitals could benefit from a helping hand. The extra hands are needed somewhere, and they’ll be grateful for your time and skills. 

In addition to, or instead of, volunteering your time, volunteer your materials. Hospitals around the country are still short on personal protective equipment (PPE) for their healthcare providers. PPE such as N95 masks, gloves, and more are needed almost everywhere. If you have any extra on hand, you could donate them to your local hospitals or clinics to help protect healthcare workers. 

Make some more time in your schedule.

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Doing Charitable Work as a General Contractor

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