Expand Your Sunroom Builder Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

outdoor kitchen

Are you feeling stuck in your sunroom contracting business? Change can be scary, but adding new things to your portfolio may be the only way to keep your business expanding. Outdoor kitchen installations and sunrooms go together like peanut butter and jelly. Each is good on its own, but they are better together. So, it wouldn’t be a far reach for you to offer both to your prospective clients. 

A Few Reasons Why Offering Outdoor Kitchens as Part of Your Sunroom Building Business Would Be a Great Idea

1. Your customers want to enjoy nature

As a sunroom builder, you are already used to working with customers who want to be “one with nature” without losing modern conveniences. They like natural lighting, watching the birds, looking at the trees, etc., from the comfort of their own home. 

People who love being in nature should love the idea of an outdoor kitchen installation. It will allow them to be close to nature while at the same time having access to their much-needed kitchen amenities.  

2. You probably already have the resources you need

The suppliers and subcontractors you already use will likely not have to change in order to start building outdoor kitchens. You might need to shop around for outdoor appliance suppliers, at most. Do you already use 3D rendering software? Perfect! Now you can use it to show customers their dream outdoor cooking space. 

3. Save money by building a sunroom and an outdoor kitchen at the same time

Entice customers to spring for an outdoor kitchen at the same time as their sunroom. Tell them they will save money by having only one total construction project rather than two. 

If their future outdoor kitchen would be connected to the sunroom in any way, it would definitely be easier to do both at the same time. That way, you will know where to add outdoor electricity and/or plumbing.

4. Stand-alone outdoor kitchens are outdoor-only projects

Exclusively outdoor projects are easier in some ways than indoor projects. You won’t have to bother the customer or their family where they are trying to eat, work, or rest. 

Keeping a clean workspace is much easier outside. Additionally, customers will usually give more grace for schedule delays because the construction zone will be separated from their main living space. 

5. Endless upgrades

Like with sunrooms, outdoor kitchens provide a blank slate for endless add-on opportunities. From pizza ovens to Blackstone grills, warming drawers, under-counter refrigeration, and more, the options for customization are endless (as are the opportunities to increase your bottom line). Explore seven other add-ons that you can offer to go along with your sunrooms.

Provide Contractor Financing for Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you are selling a sunroom, outdoor kitchen, or a combination of both, you can offer contractor financing by partnering with HFS Financial. Clients will appreciate the speed and ease of our process, and you will appreciate the project being funded up front. All they will need to do is fill out the 60-second application, and our experts will take it from there. Remember, at HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

Expand Your Sunroom Builder Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

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