5 “Extras” Sunroom Builders can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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As a sunroom builder, you can choose to provide your customers with nothing more than what they ask for. Ask a few questions, draw it up, and move on. But, if you want to be the best sunroom builder in town, maybe you can provide customers with options they didn’t even know were possible. At HFS Financial, we want to give you ideas to help you grow your sunroom contracting business. Here are 5 “extras” you can offer tough customers that will be sure to satisfy. 

1. Fans, Heaters, or Fireplaces

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Depending on your location, your client would probably love a fan or extra air conditioner for their sunroom in the summer. They also might like a fireplace or added heating unit, so they can use their sunroom comfortably all winter long.

2. Skylights

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Since your customer wants to let the sunlight in, you can ask if they want to let all the sunlight in. This could be as simple as adding two skylights to the roof, or as extravagant as installing a glass ceiling. Either way, your profit will grow and your clients will be impressed.

3. Built-ins

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Cabinets, buffets, bookshelves, desks — the possibilities for sunroom built-ins go on and on. It only takes a few questions to find out which one your client would most like to have. “Are you planning on entertaining in this room? Would a built-in buffet be helpful for that?” “Is this room going to double as your home office? Because a desk/bookshelf combo would look great on that wall.” Those are just two examples, but you get the jist.

4. Window Shades 

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When the sun light is blinding, or your customer wants a little privacy, you can provide them with all the window shade options they could ever want. Make sure they know about the fancy kind — like the ones that can slide up or down, or the ones that close automatically with the push of a button.

5. Gardening Accessories

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Is this client a big gardener? Maybe they would like the idea of accessing outdoor plants from the comfort of their new sunroom. Help your customer to picture it: all they would have to do is open the easy-open windows (upgraded from regular windows), and clip whatever herbs they need from the built-in window box. 

Maybe they would like the idea of an indoor built-in window box so they can grow more indoor plants. Get creative. You never know what wild ideas a customer might love.

Bonus Tip: You Can Provide Contractor Financing

Do you want to go from an adequate business owner to an all-in-one sunroom contracting expert? When you partner with HFS Financial to offer contractor financing, you will definitely thrill the toughest customers because they will be able to easily afford all the “extras.” 

Our financing experts will help your clients to find the perfect sunroom loan to meet their needs. It only takes 60 seconds for them to fill out the application, and the project will be funded up front. At HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


5 “Extras” Sunroom Builders can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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