Following Up and Sealing the Deal for Contractors

Sealing the Deal for Contractors

Unless you live in an incredibly small area, you’re probably not the only contractor in town. Having competition means that you need to know how to seal a deal quickly. You don’t want potential clients to go running off to someone else or to start nickel and diming you on prices. Once either of those starts, your profit is going down. Learning the art of sealing the deal for contractors is key. 

Be Clear On Your Strengths

When you contact prospective clients you want to be sure that you’re promoting your specialties. Rather than sounding like everyone else, make sure that you present the attributes that set your business apart from the competition. Maybe you specialize in a certain type of construction. Maybe you have some unique training. Or, maybe you offer contractor financing options. Be sure that your leads know the details that make your business special.

Make Contact Quickly

Getting leads is important for contractors, but once you have them you need to know what to do with them. This is a time-sensitive component of sealing the deal. Once a potential customer gets in touch, it is imperative that the contracting business reach out to the lead as quickly as possible. 

Getting in touch within an hour of the lead coming through is the best course of action. In fact, one study found that those who contacted leads within an hour were almost seven times more likely to really engage with the customer than those who waited longer.

Be Transparent

When homeowners are shopping around for someone to do a job, they often encounter people trying to sell them on something. While contractors definitely need to present their best attributes, they also need to be honest about the potential job. 

Inquirers appreciate an open and honest discussion about costs and what’s involved in a job. If you try to make it sound too smooth and easy, they’re likely to assume they’re being sold on something. If you know that your prices are higher than the competition, be sure to explain to them the reasons why. If the renovation is more complicated than they assume, you need to explain to them what will really happen.

Be Professional and Friendly

Prospective clients want to know that they’re dealing with someone who takes their job seriously. It’s important not to come across too casually when talking to leads. That said, people also want to feel comfortable with the person who might be coming into their home to work. Be sure to keep your dealing both friendly and professional.

Offer Financing

Home renovations can add up quickly. Homeowners regularly need some financing to help pay for the projects they want to have done. If you offer financing through your business, leads have one more reason to go with your services over someone else’s. Client loans through their contractor open up a world of possibilities.

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Following Up and Sealing the Deal for Contractors

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