General Contractors: Why Word of Mouth Isn’t Enough Anymore

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It used to be that having a customer say good things about you would attract new business. That’s not the case these days. Word of mouth isn’t enough anymore for general contractors as the main option for generating business. But you have other options. Here’s what you can do instead. 

Other Ways General Contractors Can Promote Their Business

1. Have a Website with Educational Content

Customers would love to believe that any contractor they choose will do beautiful work for them without issue. That’s not the reality, though. At some point, everyone has heard a horror story of a contractor hire gone wrong. That makes potential customers wary when selecting the right general contractor for their home improvement project. This makes your job a bit more difficult, which is another reason why word of mouth isn’t enough for general contractors anymore. 

You have to earn that potential new customer’s trust. Having a website with a blog that offers helpful content will demonstrate your expertise to potential customers. Your content will answer their questions and establish trust before they even call you for a consultation.  

2. Online Reviews

It’s the age of the Internet. With one quick search, potential customers can learn practically anything they’d like to know about your company, the quality of work you do, and your reputation.

With this information readily available, people are relying far less on word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers. Knowing the products and services they need, they’re on the hunt for a company that meets their specific needs. In addition, they’re checking out sites to see reviews from previous customers. 

3. Create an Online Portfolio with Photos of Your Work

Sure, Bob and Debbie are thrilled with the work your company did on their kitchen remodel, but can you guarantee they’re going to follow through and spread the good word about you? If they do, how do you measure the impact of them telling a few family members about it? 

Or what about Joe? Even if he raves to everyone he talks to about the stellar roofing installation your team did for him, how can you guarantee that any of those people need your services? 

Honestly, you can’t. Plus, even if some business is generated, it happens at a snail’s pace. In addition to potential customers being able to read reviews on other sites, get ahead of the game and feature rave reviews from your current customers on your website as well as other business review sites. Throw in some pictures to showcase your work for good measure. You can even give good reviewers a shout-out on Facebook, and include their quote along with a photo of the beautiful work completed for their project.

4. Offer Contractor Financing

Offering contractor financing can provide a significant advantage to your general contractor business, setting you apart from competitors and enhancing your reputation among potential clients. By providing financing options, you empower clients to pursue their desired projects without immediate financial strain, making your services more accessible and appealing. 

This flexibility not only attracts more customers but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability, as clients perceive your willingness to accommodate their needs. Furthermore, offering financing portrays your business as established and reputable, as it demonstrates your ability to manage financial affairs responsibly and facilitate smooth project execution. 

Ultimately, by integrating contractor financing into your services, you position your business as a dependable partner that prioritizes customer satisfaction and makes quality home improvement projects achievable for a broader range of clientele.

How to Offer Financing to My Customers

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By leveraging this partnership, you can streamline the process for your clients, making it easier and more convenient for them to embark on their home improvement endeavors. And this way, you won’t have to rely on word of mouth alone to promote your business!

With HFS Financial’s support, you can confidently proclaim, “You Dream It, We Finance It,” ensuring that your clients receive the financial assistance they need while you focus on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and service. Take the opportunity to learn more today and elevate your contractor business to new heights.

General Contractors: Why Word of Mouth Isn’t Enough Anymore

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