How a General Contractor Should Handle an Avid D-I-Yer

How a General Contractor Should Handle an Avid D-I-Yer

DIY-ing has developed an avid following. There are all kinds of websites and online boards dedicated to the do-it-yourself movement. While homeowners can certainly save themselves money by taking on some projects themselves, they sometimes find that they should have called in the professionals. It can be an uncomfortable moment when the D-I-Yer has to call a contractor. Here’s how a general contractor should handle an avid D-I-Yer.

Keep an Open Mind

Due to your experience and training, you can spot home improvement mistakes as soon as you set foot in a home. To the untrained eye, however, the issues are not as obvious. Try to be understanding about how the homeowner got to this point. The projects likely looked far simpler online than they were in real life and they may even be quite proud of some of their efforts. Try hard to keep your judgment to yourself and explain how your expertise will enhance their efforts.

Acknowledge the Attempt

If you’re called in to repair an attempted DIY job, then it’s a good idea to acknowledge the job that the homeowner was trying to do. To minimize the embarrassment of a project gone wrong, look for the intention behind the project. Make it clear that you understand what they were trying to achieve and help them to see that you can get their job back on track.

Handle an Avid D-I-Yer With Education

Take time to explain the intricacies of the job at hand. Allow the homeowners time to ask questions. Make sure to answer them thoroughly and explain how what you’ll do will save time and money in the long run. Once the homeowners have a better idea of all the technical skills involved in the project, they’ll probably leave it to you. They may even think twice before attempting their next DIY job.

Get the Rundown

D-I-Yers often want to feel that they’ve been a part of the plan. Give them a chance to run through their vision for the project. Allow them time to explain everything they had in mind for the space. Then, dazzle them with your skills and expertise. Show them what you plan to do, using their initial plans as a jumping point.

Get Their Input

A dedicated D-I-Yer loves to see his/her special touches all around the home. Over the course of the project, look for opportunities to give the homeowner some choices. For instance, select a range of finishings that you know will work in the space, and allow them to have the final word on which to go with. Avid D-I-Yers love feeling that they’ve had a hand in seeing their dreams realized. 

Offer an Added Perk

When avid D-I-Yers seek the help of a professional, it’s often because they’ve gotten in over their heads. At that point, they may not have the funds saved up for a renovation job. That’s where general contractor financing comes in. As a contractor, you can offer home improvement financing to your clients without any added work for you. Partnering with HFS Financial means your customers get the best construction funding for them and you secure their business. With HfS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Get in touch today!

How a General Contractor Should Handle an Avid D-I-Yer

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