How to Get Leads to Remember the Name of Your Contractor Business

a man giving a lead his business card, one of the ways to get leads to remember the name of your contractor business

“Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.” If you’re a fan of The Office, you may wonder why Bob always introduces himself this way. While it may have just been a funny joke created by one of the writers, it was actually a great strategy to get people to remember the name of his business. If you lived in this TV world and needed a new refrigerator, who would be the person that comes to mind? Probably Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration! If your business name doesn’t quite flow this well or you don’t feel comfortable introducing yourself like this, don’t worry. There are other ways to get leads to remember the name of your contractor business.

It’s all about branding.

Branding is your best friend when it comes to getting leads to remember the name of your contractor business. When you have a great logo, you have so many opportunities for free advertising. Have you seen a vehicle recently with a logo on the side of it? Do you remember what it said? If you’ve seen it more than once, you probably remember. So when you have a few vehicles in a neighborhood with your logo on them while you’re working on a project, neighbors are going to see your logo and remember your business name.

There are other ways you can use your branding, as well. Create shirts with your logo on it that you can wear both during and outside of work hours. If you’re a landscaping business, leave a yard sign when you’ve completed a project letting everyone know who did such great work. If your business is a little slow, send some employees door-to-door with signs to hang on doorknobs or to businesses with flyers. Or, if someone asks for your contact information for something not related to your business, still give them a business card. Branding is a great way to advertise your business for low to no cost.

Spice things up with a slogan.

If you don’t have a slogan already, it’s time to create one. Branding is your best way to get free or low-cost advertising that will get people to remember your name, but a slogan is what really brings things all together. Just think of some big companies. You hear their slogan out of context, and you immediately think of them. When you create a great slogan and use it in your advertising, leads will remember the name of your contractor business just like they remember the big companies.

Give them something to remember.

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How to Get Leads to Remember the Name of Your Contractor Business

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