How a Contractor Can Repair Mistakes Made On the Job

How a contractor can repair mistakes made on the job

The last thing any contractor wants to hear is that a mistake has been made on a construction project. Mistakes can easily happen to anyone, but what’s not so easy is fixing the problems when they happen. One seemingly minor error can potentially delay the progress of a project and prove to be very costly. If you find yourself with a job-site mistake on your hands, follow these tips for how a contractor can repair mistakes made on the job. 

Own It

People are going to mess up. It’s human nature. Rather than trying to avoid embarrassment or placing blame with someone else, take ownership of the mistake. This helps you avoid wasting precious time playing the blame game and allows you to get to the important work of forming a solution. 

Make Immediate Contact

This is the time to make a difficult phone call. Be sure to reach out to your client and admit that a mistake has been made. Have a plan for your call, and be prepared to share a quick overview of how you intend to fix it. Establish a time and date for when mistakes will be repaired or corrected. 

Communication is Key

If you’re like most contractors, you already have regularly scheduled communication with customers to provide status updates. Continue with those regular updates, but offer to include pictures to help show progress is being made.

Communication should extend to all vendors and subcontractors as well. If part of the mistake impacts their work, they need adequate time and opportunity to inspect the issue and make adjustments to their area of expertise. 

Solid communication with the entire staff is critical. Everyone on the construction team should be made aware of the mistake and how it impacts the rest of the project. This is also important so that team members can help minimize the risk of any damage as quickly and effectively as possible. Even the most minor mistake could have a snowball effect if not shared immediately. 

Moving Forward

You’ve admitted an error, made a plan to correct it and have communicated that to the client. But how will you work to minimize similar errors moving forward? 

One key way is by documenting mistakes. This can not only help to determine the cause, but to prevent it from happening again. Be sure to include a description of what occurred, what led to that error, pictures of any damage, and a list of materials used. 

Another step towards limiting mistakes in the future is by implementing automation. The more hands in a project, the greater likelihood there will be mistakes. Using technology to assist with operations and communication can streamline your processes and help prevent future errors. You can implement automation to track revisions and changes to project plans as well as manage the construction budget — keeping you on track. You’ll have the most accurate data available to each team member at a moment’s notice. 

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How a Contractor Can Repair Mistakes Made On the Job

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