How to Break Bad News to your Construction Clients

This frowning construction worker with her thumbs pointing down is wondering how to break bad news to her construction clients.

There is one thing everyone in this world can agree on: no one likes bad news. Unfortunately, though, it’s a part of life. And it is certainly part of your construction business. Whether there’s a storm coming, an issue with the project, or a delay in your timeline, you’re bound to run into some bad news. Let us help you with that. Here’s how to break bad news to your construction clients.

Break It Early

We know, we know; breaking bad news isn’t any fun. It’s probably the last thing you want to do, and you want to put it off for as long as possible. However, it’ll go over a lot better if you break it early. Think about a time in your life when bad news was given to you. How would you feel if they had broken it to you two weeks later? Even though your client doesn’t want to hear bad news either, they’ll appreciate you breaking the news early.

However, breaking the news early means you need to know about it early. Make sure your employees know that they need to bring bad news to you as soon as possible. They also won’t want to be the bearer of bad news, so make sure to thank them for timely notification.

Form a Flawless Apology

The apology is the most important part of breaking bad news. In fact, it should be how you base your whole conversation. Coming from an apologetic standpoint will help keep positive relationships with your clients. 

First, acknowledge their feelings. Say something along the lines of “I know this isn’t ideal. We aren’t happy about this either. But…”

Then, go straight into the facts. Tell your client what happened without letting any emotion get in the way. If they ask for an explanation, again, keep it to the facts. Let them know you’re figuring it out.

Stick To the Facts

When breaking bad news, it’s easy to give explanations (or, in other words, make excuses). There is a time for explanations, and breaking bad news isn’t that time. If you just stick to the facts, you will ensure that emotion does not get into the conversation. This way you’re only telling the client what happened; they don’t need to know why you think something happened or who/what you think is responsible. All you need to do is offer an apology, and then tell them the bad news. Next, either tell them you’re working on a solution or let them know what your solution is. Keep them updated as this continues, and answer any questions truthfully about the bad news you’ve delivered.

Bring Some Good News

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How to Break Bad News to your Construction Clients

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