How a General Contractor Can Give Back to Their Local Communities

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We’ve all come across unprecedented, difficult times over the last year. However, during these times we’ve also seen increased generosity. As a general contractor, you may be looking for a way to give back yourself. While many have taken this extra time at home to work on their own home renovations, there are just as many who can no longer afford the renovations they desperately need. Use your skills to benefit those in your area. Here are some ideas for how a general contractor can give back to their local communities.

Volunteer Your Time

One of the best ways a general contractor can give back to their local communities is by volunteering their time. As a general contractor, you have skills not many have. These skills are often needed in your community. Your community may have local nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity that focus on building houses for those in need. If you don’t have an established nonprofit you can volunteer with, get creative. Run a campaign where you ask community members to nominate someone who needs home renovations but can’t afford them. At the end of the campaign, choose a winner and provide your services for free. The only limit to giving back is your own imagination.

Donate Your Resources

Do you have leftover material from a project that’s just lying around? Maybe just enough that you couldn’t use it all, but not quite enough to use for another project? Or maybe you’re upgrading some supplies and don’t know what to do with your old ones? Donating your resources is a great way to make the most of these materials. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Don’t underestimate the value of your leftover materials. Connect with local nonprofits. Ask them what some of their greatest needs are, and when you have them available, donate them. Even if they themselves don’t need supplies like leftover wood or used tools, they most likely know someone who does. 

Donating your resources is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many hospitals have been able to recover from the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage, there are still medical centers that need assistance. If you have any leftover PPE, especially N95 masks, consider donating them to a local hospital or clinic. These will help keep your local healthcare workers safe as they treat patients through this season.

Make Your Services More Affordable

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How a General Contractor Can Give Back to Their Local Communities

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