Why General Contractors Need a Professional Website

Professional general contractors website displayed on computer monitor

So you’ve heard you need a website. But why? You’re a contractor, after all. You don’t sell anything online. What good would a website do? Well, a website is more than just a place to sell products. It’s a place clients can go to find out about your business and see if you’re reliable. Think about it: how many times have you looked up a business and discounted their credibility because they didn’t have a website? A website is important for any business, but not just any website will do. Here’s why general contractors need a professional website. 

Your website is your first impression.

First impressions nowadays don’t happen in person — they happen online. Before a client even contacts you for a consultation or a quote, they’re going to look at your website. If your website looks professional, it adds credibility to your business. 

A professional website is more than just looking professional. You also want your content to be professional. Include information about how your contracting business was started and how long you’ve been in the contracting industry. It’s also a good idea to include what services you offer so potential clients know if you’ll be a good fit. Ask yourself, “If I were looking for a contractor, what would I want to know?” Include all of that information on your website. And most importantly, don’t forget some way for people to contact you, such as an inquiry form, email address, and/or phone number.

Your website attracts more business.

Not only is your website your first impression, it also lets potential clients know that you exist. When you have a professional website, your business will show up more in search engine results. You can increase this traffic by posting blogs as well. Blogs help your site show up in more searches. For example, if you write a blog on how to replace a door, your site will show up in searches for that question. Users will read that blog and if they need help replacing the door or help with a bigger project, they’ll know who to ask. (Hint: It’s you!) Professional websites are all about proving your credibility to potential clients.

Spend more time online.

Now that you know why general contractors need a professional website, it’s time to get started. Getting your website up and running will take some time, so you’ll need to free some up. Your first step can be offering financing with HFS Financial. When you offer an easy financing option to your clients, you’ll spend less time helping them figure out how to pay for their dream projects, and you can spend more time on your website. Plus, offering the best contractor financing will give you something extra to add to your website! All you do is put a link to our 60-second loan application on your website’s financing page. Your clients will fill out the application, and we’ll help fit them with the right loan. In addition, offering financing on your website will attract new clients who don’t want to find financing on their own. It’s a win-win-win! Get started today by calling HFS Financial at 1-800-254-9560. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Why General Contractors Need a Professional Website

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