How much does an indoor pool cost?

Indoor pool during a sunny day

Congratulations! You’ve decided to dive in the deep end and bring your wildest home improvement dreams to life with an indoor pool. You are in for enjoyment that can’t be beat. Let us break down the cost and offer a few friendly tips to guide you on your pool-building journey.

Advantages to Having an Indoor Pool

Picture this: You wake up early on a December morning. The gym is an inconvenient drive and it’s pretty bleak outside. How do you get your morning motor running? By diving into your new swimming pool, located conveniently indoors. Rain or shine, hot or cold, a HUGE advantage to have your swimming pool inside is that it’s available to you anytime you desire. There’s also less maintenance involved. No leaves get stuck in the filter. Blowing dirt can’t create chemical imbalances in the water. You’ll even use less chlorine, thanks to reduced sunlight. Speaking of sunlight, spending your days in your indoor pool reduces UV exposure.

Things to Consider

As with any major home improvement decision, there are a few things to consider before making an investment plunge. For instance, the construction cost for an indoor swimming pool is substantially more than one installed in your backyard. This is especially true if you need to build an addition to your home to house your aquatic haven. You’ll need to heat and cool your pool enclosure, so plan on your energy costs being a little higher. There’s also usually no poolside sunbathing either — you’ll have to go outside if you enjoy a good tan. 

How much does an indoor pool cost?

Does an indoor pool sound like it’s for you? If so, let us break down the cost. Throughout most of the U.S., indoor pools average a starting cost of $200,000 and go up from there. There’s really no set price because every pool build is a bit different. You’ll have to work it out with your contractor and figure in the special features that make your pool meet your unique needs. Here’s a quick guide:

  • The swimming pool itself is usually about $40,000 to $60,000.
  • If you need a structure to house your pool, those average about $100 per square foot. A 25’ by 45’ building would cost $112,500. 
  • You’ll also want a dehumidification system to prevent moisture build-up in your pool’s space. It’s not uncommon to spend $20,000 to $30,000 on a system.

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How much does an indoor pool cost?

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