How Pole Barn and Steel Building Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

A steel building contractor climbs a ladder wearing a hard hat and tool built in a newly constructed steel building.

Keeping your pole barn and steel building business successful requires that you bring in new customers. You’re already skilled at what you do, and you’re doing well. But what can you do to win even more customers? Offer contractor financing through HFS Financial. Offering contractor financing can actually help you win more customers. Here’s how. 

Pole Barn and Steel Barn Financing

The people who are looking for pole barn and steel building contractors often need their buildings for their business or their most important investments. When their personal or business finances don’t allow room for the purchase outright, they turn to financing. 

Imagine how simple the process would be for these customers if you offered contractor financing. If they’re already looking for a contractor to build their steel building or pole barn and they need financing, when you come across their radar, the decision is basically a no-brainer. You would be the option that offers both the skill set they need as a steel building and pole barn contractor and the funding options to get the job done. 

By offering contractor financing, you automatically set yourself apart from other competing contractors who don’t. Then you win more customers just by offering the contractor financing option. 

Contractor Financing Makes You a Better Contractor

When you offer contractor financing through HFS Financial, you could actually end up becoming a better contractor, which would help you win more customers. 

The HFS Financial model of financing offers 100% direct-to-consumer financing, which means your customers become just like cash buyers. That also means there’s no stage funding. And no stage funding means you’re not sitting around waiting for approval for anything. 

No-stage funding makes you more efficient. You waste less time waiting around for other people, so you can actually focus on your work as a contractor. That extra focus and less wasted time means you get your jobs done better and faster. 

As the word spreads, your reputation will grow, and people will seek you out for your efficiency and your pole barn and steel building financing options.

Contractor Financing Benefits Your Customer

A half-constructed pole barn sits on a concrete foundation and is being built by a pole barn and steel building business.
Offering contractor financing can help your pole barn and steel building business thrive.

And finally, you should consider how contractor financing can actually benefit your customer. Besides the fact that there are clients who often need the financing to complete their home improvement project at all, there are also some clients who can use the financing as an extra boost to their own finances.

Not only does that mean winning more customers for you, but it also means potentially larger projects for your contractor business. You can use the power of contractor financing to greatly improve your business in more ways than one and getting set up is really simple

Partner With HFS Financial

As a pole barn and steel building contractor, you want to bring in a steady stream of customers to ensure the growth and success of your business. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer contractor financing through HFS Financial. 

All you have to do is contact our team, and we’ll get you set up with our HFS widget on your website upon approval. From there, your customers can click the link and automatically be connected with our team. Easy and done. So, make the decision to partner with HFS Financial today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

How Pole Barn and Steel Building Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

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