How to Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Customers

Floor plan with carpet and flooring samples

A perfect floor plan is undoubtedly an ambitious home renovation. So how exactly do you design a floor plan that is both functional and able to meet your client’s needs? Here’s how to create the perfect floor plan for your customers.

Ask Detailed Questions to Understand Your Customers’ Goals

Well-phrased questions can be the difference between mediocre results and complete customer satisfaction. Why is a particular floor plan preference important to your customer? How will the space be utilized? Who will benefit from each specific space after home renovations are complete? Asking the right questions can get you well on your way to designing the perfect floor plan.

Consider this Christmas scenario: An eager toddler expectantly asks for a cherry lollipop in his stocking. Why cherry? Is it because he knows that cherry is the flavor that tastes best, or is it because it is the only flavor he has ever tried? Grape might really be the choice for him, but his decisions are based on his experiences.

Perhaps you have an equally relatable story. Has a formerly favorite meal choice been abandoned long ago for a more recent one? The addition of new possibilities can give a new frame of reference.

Likewise, contractors have the ability to open up the many “flavors” of options in home renovation floor plan decisions. Understand the “why” for your clients’ choices so that you exceed expectations. Ask detailed questions so that you may achieve more for your customers than might otherwise have been possible.

Share Advice For the Perfect Floor Plan

Relate your expert advice in meaningful ways. You can be the metaphorical candy shop storekeeper for your customers’ floor plan goals. Just as a confectioner can share knowledge of sugary selections to those looking for delicious treats, you can positively inform your customers’ floor plan decisions with professional advice.

Will the new game room requested by your customers truly satisfy their home renovation objectives? Maybe. However, it is possible that your customers may not have weighed the alternative entertainment value of a new sunroom. Perhaps the versatility of the latest outdoor living spaces would be a better option. 

If you have asked the right questions in the early stages of the process and listened closely to the answers provided, you may be able to suggest just the right fit for the situation. New information gives customers a better handle on available choices and can allow them to effectively rethink plans. Additionally, choices that may not fulfill their ultimate goals can be redefined. As a result, you can move forward with a practical, client-pleasing plan. 

Be a Dream Builder

Finally, offer relevant resources, intriguing options, and functional features. Money savings, time savings, and frustration avoidance can encourage your customers to rely on your expertise. Be a dream builder. Equip your clients with useful knowledge based upon real-world experience. Help your customers avoid the “bitterness” of remorse by selecting the “sweetest” of home improvement floor plan options. Help them determine the perfect floor plan — one that will meet their specific needs now and for many years to come.

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How to Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Customers

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