3 Tips for Planning a Swimming Pool Build

Swimming pool build in backyard

You walk out your back door and sigh. You had such high hopes for your amazing outdoor space that have been put on the back burner time and time again. Right then and there you make a decision. You are going to build the backyard of your dreams and nothing short of perfect will do. We’ve put together a few tips for planning a swimming pool build to help guide you through the decision-making process and bring your visions to life. 

Designing a Swimming Pool to Fit Your Space

Over the years, as homes get bigger, backyards get smaller. This means maximizing the space in your yard to build a new swimming pool is a big deal. As you begin to draw up your construction plans, take into consideration how much space you’re willing to give to this project. Remember to include flexibility to add other amenities, such as an outdoor kitchen area, pool-side dining, or a shed. It’s also wise to install your new swimming pool where you can visibly see it from inside your home, for aesthetics and safety. 

Swimming Pool Materials Matter

When you begin planning for a swimming pool build, you’ll have a vast array of material options — both for the type of pool you choose and surface finishes. There are 3 main types of pools and each offers something unique.

  • Concrete Pools: These pools are the most popular option and also the most expensive. What’s so amazing about concrete pools is they are completely customizable and can be made into almost any design. This is a huge bonus when working with a smaller or oddly shaped space. They are also fantastic for large yards and fully-customized hardscape areas.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools: These are the second most popular choice among swimmers and are quickly installed, often within three weeks. You do have options when it comes to shape and style, but they are much more limited in customization than their concrete counterparts. 
  • Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools are generally the most limited in shape and size, but these factory-made swimming pools can be installed in as little as three days and are often much less expensive. 

A Lovely Poolside View

You want your swimming pool to meet all the standards you require to build a beautiful backyard. The key to creating the most enjoyable outdoor experience is instilling both function and aesthetics. Try balancing hard and soft finishes like adding decking around your pool to break up hard stone finishes. A few expertly placed potted plants help to create a relaxing ambiance and soften the overall feel. Keep in mind that lighter stone finishes will show staining more prominently than darker options. You can blend the two and have a light pool interior contrasting with darker paving surrounding the outside, which makes your pool almost glow when you have a good amount of natural light.  

Planning a Swimming Pool Build with HFS Financial

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3 Tips for Planning a Swimming Pool Build

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