How to Get Permission to Use Images for Your Contractor Business

How to get permission to use images for your contractor business

It’s one of your best projects yet. You can’t wait to post pictures to your website to show it off. Before you post anything, it’s important to have permission from your client to use images of that project. It may be your work, but it’s still the homeowner’s private property. Follow these steps to get permission to use images for your contractor business. 

Create a Photo Release Form

While you’re busy signing the paperwork and contracts for a home renovation project, don’t forget a photo release form. These forms are necessary when the images will be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising or posting on your company website. 

If you don’t know where to start, there are free templates online that will help you create a form to use with your customers. A great rule of thumb is to keep it clean and simple. If your release is several pages long and wordy, homeowners and clients may choose to opt out. 

Here are a few items to include as you create your release form. Your clients should understand and agree that:

  • [Company Name] may feature my home and project in photos on their website.
  • [Company Name] intends to use these images on social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • [Company Name] will not share any identifying information, such as street address, contact information, or client name. 
  • All images taken by [Company Name] will become their property, and I have no claim to the photos taken of the project. 

Things To Watch For

When taking pictures of a client’s property or interior of their home, it’s important to frame the pictures to ensure their privacy. For example, a client’s bathroom remodel is absolutely gorgeous, so you snap some pictures for later. What you didn’t realize was that the door to their closet was wide open with dirty laundry or unmentionables in clear view. Or maybe you completed a spacious living room remodel. Your picture shows how open and functional the room is, but it also has a family photo on the wall identifying the homeowners. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but taking a few extra moments for quality control helps to maintain privacy for your clients. 

Set Their Minds At Ease

Clients may be hesitant to sign off on a release form allowing you to post pictures of the interior of their home. Once you have several remodels posted on your website, use them to assure future customers that you respect their home and their privacy. They’ll see from examples that any pictures taken in their home or on their property will be handled with care. 

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How to Get Permission to Use Images for Your Contractor Business

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