3 Ways to Break the Ice with Potential Home Improvement Clients

ways to break the ice

You’re right at home with a hammer or drill in your hand. But when it’s time to sit down to meet with potential clients, you’re out of your element. Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us! If you struggle with where to start or how to get through to potential clients, you’re in luck. Use these three ways to break the ice with potential home improvement clients.

First Impressions Matter

Do your homework before the client arrives. Do they appear to have a large immediate family or maybe lots of grandkids? Then the living room remodel they’re discussing needs to be functional for big groups, but also kid friendly. What about a prospective client who wants a custom garage for his classic cars?  Do a little research on Jay Leno’s Garage for extra’s you can add to make the project exceptional. Your clients may be pleasantly surprised that you’ve considered the lifestyle they desire as you present your plan.

Everything communicates something, and body language is no exception. You’ve had meetings like these plenty of times, but this is a first for your potential client. Show them that they aren’t just one of many clients and that they have your full attention. Sit forward, make good eye contact and engage with them rather than leaning back in your chair. It’s the smallest gestures that show them they are your top priority. 

They aren’t home improvement experts, which is why they’re coming to you. As clients share their vision for their home or yard, it is very likely they’ll use phrases they’ve heard on popular home improvement shows. That may drive you nuts, but try not to correct them constantly. It could come off as you being unapproachable or put a halt to the progress of your conversation. 

Conversation Starters Are Ways to Break the Ice

You know your industry inside and out. You could rattle off a step-by-step process for laying a foundation, but when it comes to conversations with people you hardly know, you might get stuck. Load up your office with a couple of items for an easy way to kick off the conversation.

  • Hang an interesting piece of artwork, picture or something unique in a noticeable spot to get them talking.
  • Display pictures from projects you’re most proud of. They may get inspiration for their home and the conversation can take off from there.


You probably have a list of topics to cover with potential clients. Before you jump in with the first item on your list, sit back and listen. Ask about their ideal vision for their home construction or renovation project. Most likely you’ll learn a lot more about your client and the elements that matter most to them. They can tell you what type of flooring they’d like to see in their bath or kitchen, and you’ll have a better idea if that is a good fit. This will help you nail the most important details of your project. 

Once you’ve tried these three ways to break the ice with potential home improvement clients, don’t forget to provide information that includes contractor financing options. HFS Financial can help you grow your business. Call 1-800-254-9560 to learn more or to partner with us to offer the best contractor financing for customers. “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

3 Ways to Break the Ice with Potential Home Improvement Clients

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