How to Keep Employees and Clients Safe On Site

How to keep employees and clients safe on site

Construction safety is always on the mind of any contractor. Whether you have policies in place to protect your employees, subcontractors, or networking associates, or you need to implement more training, it’s important that contractors head off potential accidents. Follow the tips below on how to keep employees and clients safe on site. 

For Employees

Many people consider on-the-job training to be more like skills someone learns related to their profession. For construction employees, training should include awareness of potential hazards on the job site. Consider using resources provided by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to properly train new workers on safety and security practices. 

Don’t limit training to only new workers. Ensure your seasoned team members refresh their education at regular intervals with required training. Once they’ve completed the required sessions, they should have an understanding of safety measures and what to do in case of emergency.

Communication is another important way to keep team members and subcontractors safe on site. If employees don’t know what to expect, accidents can happen. Keep everyone in the loop with walkie-talkies or smartphones that allow for quick and efficient communication to your team.

Proper supervision is key in limiting accidents on the job. It’s important to have a strong supervisor on site who is capable of enforcing and carrying out safety measures. Select a foreman who will be able to keep an eye on employees throughout the day as well as correct anyone who fails to meet safety standards.  

For Clients

Clients tend to be excited about their project. It’s not uncommon for them to stop by to check on the progress of the job. Visits are fine, but it’s important to lay some ground rules to ensure their safety while on site. 

First, request that they schedule a time to visit. If possible, consider scheduling the visit for a day when you know there will be minimal activity and machinery that could increase safety concerns. 

While they’re on site at their scheduled visit, make sure at least one team member is guiding them. The will help ensure they stay out of the line of any potential hazards. It’s also important to discourage your clients from making visits to the site after work hours. This is all for their own safety. 

Before the visit, contact the client and advise them of ways to be prepared for the job site, such as sturdy closed-toe shoes. When they arrive on site, have safety gear waiting for them, including hard hats, goggles and even vests for higher visibility. These items will keep them safe as well as make it easier for your team to keep track of their movements while on the job site. 

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How to Keep Employees and Clients Safe On Site

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