Sprucing up Your Home This Spring

Sprucing up Your Home This Spring

You’ve been waiting several months for longer days and beautiful weather. Spring is finally on the way, and with it comes the urge to give your home a little facelift. If you want to shake things up a little, but aren’t sure where to start, use these ideas for sprucing up your home this spring. 


Home improvement experts are always touting the impact of a new coat of paint. That’s because it’s true! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to bring a new look to your space. Whether it’s the exterior of your home or just a few rooms inside, make a colorful splash or a soothing neutral retreat.

The exterior of your home could use a makeover, but maybe you don’t want to commit to a full home exterior paint project. No problem! Consider painting just the trim or even your front door. Even these small changes can bring a much needed facelift to your home’s appearance. 

Maybe your living room, bedroom or even the kitchen could use a little color refresh. Turn your living room into a warm and cozy space, transform your bedroom into a true relaxation zone, or make your kitchen as bright and cheery as a cooking show! 

Now that you’ve decided which area to spruce up, it’s time to start painting. Before you get started, be sure to follow these tips for choosing the right paint color for your home. 


A backyard can go from bland to breathtaking with the right landscaping. If you don’t have the budget or the energy for a massive overhaul of your backyard, start with some simpler projects instead. 

Flower beds and greenery can add a pop of color in your yard. Try killing two birds with one stone by adding an edible garden. They’re beautiful, environmentally friendly, and you get the added bonus of free homegrown produce! 

If you don’t have a green thumb, tackle other projects that aren’t plant based. Form pathways throughout your yard with landscaping materials such as crushed stone, stepping stones, concrete or pavers. It will fill a lot of space and make a visual impact on the yard without costing you a fortune.

Update Your Outdoor Living Area

Extend your dining area into the great outdoors. Dedicate a section of your yard for dining under the stars. Elevate the ambiance by adding outdoor lighting with bistro lights, lanterns and more. Grab some inspiration on sites like Pinterest to help transform your al fresco dining area.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try revamping a tired space in your yard. Do you have an outdoor space you aren’t currently using? Reimagine it! Take that unused driveway and convert it into a seating area. Better yet, take that empty backyard garage you never use and transform it into a stunning covered patio. 

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Sprucing up Your Home This Spring

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