How to Offer Financing for Renovations and Remodels

Two people shake hands as they agree to offer financing for home renovations and remodels. In the background is a contractor's hard hat and some folded blueprints.

Renovations and remodels can make up a large chunk of a lot of contractors’ business. If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into offering contractor financing, it’s good to have some old fashioned know-how. Here’s how to offer financing for renovations and remodels. 

Renovations and Remodels

Why would you want to offer financing for renovations and remodels? Well, simply put, it’s a good business move. Most homeowners are dedicated to one of the biggest investments in their lives — their home. At some point, almost every homeowner will face the decision to remodel or renovate their home for any number of reasons. Damage may cause a homeowner to need to repair or renovate a space. Some homeowners may want to increase the functionality of their existing home instead of moving. Or, a homeowner may simply want to change the look of their home and update what they have. The point is that remodels and renovations are a frequent occurrence. And they are almost always going to add value to a home, so there’s not only the desire for home improvement, there’s also incentive. 

This is where you, the general contractor, come in. You make it easy. Homeowners may not  have the funds on hand to complete the remodel or renovation they desire. Or they may have partial funds, but not enough to achieve their ultimate goal for their home. But you can meet them in that need by providing the best contractor financing for customers there is. Just think of the untapped market that’s waiting in those homeowners who want to hire you but think they can’t afford it. Or those who have a clear vision for their home but need a little extra boost to reach that full potential. By choosing to offer contractor financing for home renovations and remodels, you can not only help those customers who are looking for the financial means to improve their homes, you can also improve your business. 

Partner with HFS Financial

The “how” of offering financing is the easiest part. HFS Financial has years of experience in the home improvement financing business. When you choose to partner with HFS Financial, you can offer those renovation and remodeling loans, but you’re not limited to only those types. We can offer home improvement loans for any project that your clients can dream up.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can I offer financing to my customers?” The answer to that is simple. And the answer is HFS Financial. Your clients get to realize their dream project, and you can showcase your real building skills. With HFS Financial, there is no stage funding, so you don’t ever have to be concerned about reaching the next stage of your project to receive enough funding. The projects are completely funded up front.

The process is simple and easy for both you and your clients. After partnership approval, all you need to do is place the HFS Financial widget on your general contractor webpage. Your customers who are interested in learning more about financing their project will be connected with an HFS Financial representative who can help them find the perfect loan for their project. So don’t wait any longer! Make the choice to partner with HFS Financial to offer excellent contractor financing. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Offer Financing for Renovations and Remodels

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