How to Share Success Stories with Your Clients

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Client success stories are one of the best assets your business has. When new clients first discover your contracting business, they want to know about the experience of other clients. Did they have a good experience? Are they repeat clients? How did their projects turn out? You likely have some great client success stories in your back pocket, but you need to get them out into the world. Try these ways to share success stories with your clients. 

Write on Your Website

Your website is one of the best ways to share client success stories. Websites are one of the first places potential clients look when deciding if they want to use your business. You can share client success stories on your website in a variety of ways. You could have a section on your website dedicated to success stories, whether it’s an entire page or a section at the bottom of your website. To give yourself more space to write about the client story, you could even write a full blog post featuring a story.

Share on Social

There are so many ways you can share client success stories on social media. Social media provides versatility and reach you can’t get anywhere else. The simplest way to share on social media is just to create a post on your social media platforms highlighting your client success stories. For example, you can post a picture of a home remodel with a quote from the client.

You can also jazz up your client success stories. Try recording and sharing a video. Share a link to the stories on your website. Get more reach with ads. Your options are limitless.

Engage via Email

Do you have email drip campaigns you send out to clients and leads? Try incorporating client success stories in your rotation! If prospective clients are unsure about using your services, hearing a client success story via email may be what pushes them to take the next step.

Communicate During Consultation

Last but not least, you can share success stories with your clients during a consultation meeting. Keep a number of success stories on hand for different projects you’ve completed. If you have pictures, that’s even better. When you’re discussing client needs during a consultation, bring out these pictures. Tell the story of how you completed this project and how you made your client’s dreams come true, and how you can make theirs come true as well.

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How to Share Success Stories with Your Clients

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