NOW is the Time to Branch Out Into the Pool Industry

A family of four wearing sunglasses holds onto a yellow pool float while splashing in a pool in the sun.

If you’re thinking about branching into the pool industry, stop thinking and dive in. Literally! There are so many reasons you should make pool installation part of your wheelhouse, and we’ll take a look at a couple of the reasons why NOW is the time to branch out into the pool industry. 

Unmeetable Demand

Since so many families have been spending more time at home in the past year, there has been a tremendous uptick in the number of people seeking to make their homes a more enjoyable and exciting place to be. Add in the shortages for other various reasons, and cue the ever-increasing demand for pool installations. As a general contractor this is, quite frankly, a gold mine. 

You have a particular set of skills that is needed when it comes to pool installation. A general contractor’s knowledge of all things construction makes you an invaluable part of the pool-installation, backyard-oasis-building machine. So with the increase in demand, that means an increase in income for you. 

Most pool installers are backed up in their ability to meet demand. As a result, there are wait lists at many, many pool installers. That means this is an excellent time to break into the industry, so you can meet the high demand for pools and reap the benefits of doing so. 

Endless Opportunity

If pool installation doesn’t sound super exciting to you, that’s alright. The beauty of the pool industry is in the plethora of detailed work that goes into pool installation. That may be another point of entry and income for you and your general contractor business.

There are so many moving parts to pool installation where a contractor could potentially be hired. You can be the guy who preps the area for the pool. For above-ground pools that means clearing and grading the space. For in-ground pools that means operating heavy machinery to dig the space out. 

But that’s not all. Pools require specific electrical installations and equipment to make sure they run properly. You can be the person who runs new electrical lines and installs the electrical equipment. Not to mention pool installations often require extra plumbing to ensure they work properly. These are both areas where you can offer your expert services to complete the installation process without actually installing the pool. 

And what about hardscaping and landscaping? Maybe you’ve always been great at building beautiful, creative structures from rocks or concrete. What better place to utilize those skills than new pool installations? Landscaping is also a common need for new pool installations. Whatever your specialty is, there’s likely a place for your skills in the installation of new pools. 

Even if you’re not interested in the actual pool installation yourself, there are endless opportunities to subcontract for the pool installations. So, consider your place in the pool industry and how you can best benefit from branching out into the pool industry now. 

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NOW is the Time to Branch Out Into the Pool Industry

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