Profitable Services for Your Home Improvement Business

profitable services to add to your home improvement business

Contractor work is oftentimes a seasonal business. Work picks up in the warmer seasons and tapers off in the cooler seasons, but you know what doesn’t change? Your need for income. One way to ensure you have year-round income is to make sure you have services to offer all year long. Here we have some suggestions for profitable services to add to your home improvement business. 

Home Inspection

Real estate agents and home buyers are always in need of home inspections in order to fulfill contracts and close on real estate deals. As a contractor, you have a leg up on the average Joe. Consider adding home inspection to your list of services as part of your home improvement business. Since you can determine your own schedule as a home inspector by only accepting jobs that you know you can complete, it’s the perfect service to add on to your existing home improvement business. 

Inspecting Pools and Hot Tubs

Similar to home inspections are pool and hot tub inspections for potential home buyers. When home buyers are looking to buy a home, they need someone who can inspect the existing pool or hot tub on the property as well. Typical home inspectors may offer this service, but it can be complicated. This is where you can add another profitable service. Consider becoming certified to inspect pools and spas for home inspections, and you can generate some extra income in addition to your usual work. 

Holiday Services

When the weather cools down and the outdoor projects and home improvements slow down, turn your attention to another project often difficult for homeowners: Christmas lights. While many homeowners may aspire to Clark Griswold levels of holiday illumination, they just don’t have the know-how. But you’ve been walking across roofs and climbing ladders all year anyway, so make this your next profitable add-on. Offer to install holiday décor for clients.

But also consider other décor. One current trend has front lawns adorned with giant plywood cupcakes and numbers to celebrate birthdays. Another trend fills lawns with giant letters that spell “congrats” for all kinds of different reasons. Check to see if anyone has filled this need in your local area, and you could be installing signage in every neighborhood for a nominal fee. It could be a really interesting venture for your home improvement business.   

Plowing Services

Also consider the piles of snow that accumulate during the winter if you live in a cooler climate. Plowing is a necessary job, but it also takes some necessary equipment. If you can invest in that equipment, then you can definitely add parking lot or driveway plowing as your next profitable service. 

Furniture Assembly and Delivery 

Furniture assembly is an interesting feat that the average bear would rather not tackle, but you’re not the average bear. As a builder, you have a better working knowledge of how things come together than most, so make that fact work for you and then deliver the goods. Add furniture assembly and delivery to your repertoire. 

Also consider offering playset assembly to your client base. Those playsets are beautiful and fun and really complicated to put together. So, that’s yet another service you can offer that will add profit to your home improvement business. 

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Profitable Services for Your Home Improvement Business

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